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Don’t Let Spring Rains Ruin Your Property

With Spring upon us, the days are getting longer and April is quickly approaching! We all know April showers bring May flowers, but being in the Midwest, April showers can quickly become torrential downpours. With record rainfall predicted again this year, you can expect soil to crack and pull back from foundations. Heavy rain can […]

Heinen Landscape Guide – Free Online

Is your yard looking a little dull from the dreary winter months?  Heinen is here to help! With the free Heinen Guide to Kansas City Landscaping, you can create a plan to take your browned out lawn and foliage from zero to hero in no time. The secret to your best spring ever is having […]

The Ultimate Valentine: The Sweetheart Rose Garden

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For years, a dozen red roses has been the symbol of affection.  But times have changed and now a bouquet of roses can be had in most any grocery store or dot-com almost any time of year. What was once an elegant and romantic mid-February surprise has lost […]

“Nightscaping” with Heinen Landscape

Days are getting shorter as winter nears and as night sets in earlier, your house begins to feel increasingly gloomy and dark. As you approach your home at the end of the workday, the sun – formerly dancing off of bright flowers and verdant lawns – is gone. Welcome to winter in Kansas City. But […]

Winter Lawn Care

As days get colder and leaves begin to fall we tend to forget about the needs of our lawns. Care and maintenance is still important if you want your beautiful, lush green grass to come back in the spring. Prevent winter damage and let Heinen Landscape help with these tips! Continue watering: One misconception during […]

Rain Damage

Heavy rains, particularly when they persist over an extended period, place stresses on plants in our landscapes. Plants native to drier climates are particularly vulnerable to this type of weather. This article from Nola.com shares information about why too much water is bad for your yard and how to fix it. The harm of excess Since […]

6 Signs You Have a Drainage Problem

With all of the rain during the month of May in KC (only 3 completely dry days thus far), more and more homeowners are calling Heinen regarding property drainage issues. From pooling water literally drowning plants to leaky basement walls and floors, it’s clear that poor drainage and standing water can cause a lot of […]