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Heinen Celebrates Earth Day with Native Tree Giveaway!

To celebrate Earth Day, Heinen is offering free native tree saplings – 1,000 total – at the Corinth Square Hen House in Prairie Village on Saturday, April 22! Enjoy free refreshments from Hen House and learn more about native plants and trees. Seedlings are ready to plant with care instructions and are free! Teach your […]

Heinen Featured in Turf Magazine

Heinen was recently featured in Turf Magazine for the Extreme Landscape Makeover story! In September, Heinen brought the entire team out for a one-day extreme landscape makeover at KVC Health Systems—an Olathe, KS nonprofit and national leader in adoption and child welfare education. The Heinen team spent the entire day transforming and beautifying the landscape at KVC’s headquarters […]

Plan your Fall Garden Today!

Fall is setting in here in Kansas City and that brings shorter days and cooler temperatures. Are you feeling down in the dumps knowing you won’t see your beautiful garden again ’til spring? Well turn that frown upside down because you can have a fall garden! Fall is actually a great time to plant a […]

KVC and Ball Conference Center to Receive Extreme Heinen Landscape Makeover

Heinen Landscape and Irrigation to bring their entire company out for a one-day landscape makeover at KVC Health Systems – an Olathe nonprofit and national leader in adoption, child welfare education – all pro-bono! On Wednesday, September 2, 2015, the Heinen team (approx. 20 individuals) will spend the entire day transforming and beautifying the landscape […]

Facts about Lotus Flowers

Dave Heinen shares the above image of a Lotus Flower in his own Kansas City backyard landscaping  Facts about Lotus Flowers from the Flower Expert The Lotus is a sacred flower for Buddhists. In Egyptian mythology, the Lotus is associated with the sun, because it bloomed by day and closed by night. The Lotus is […]

Low-Maintenance Landscape for Outdoor Living

Daydreaming about a glorious new backyard is fun pastime for many of us. The picture in our mind is usually of the completed project – not the heavy lifting needed in constructing one’s own personal paradise. As dreams turn to reality, homeowners find that there are several factors that effect the overall success of their […]

The Best Ways to Deal with Storm Water

Just when we thought the rain was gone, it’s back and in full force with summer storms! What to do with all that excess water? This Old House shares tips on how to work with (and around) the water. Or, leave it to the experts at Heinen! River of Rocks You can turn drainage solutions […]