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KC Rain Continues – Heinen Keeps Going!

We’ve had quite a bit of rain here in Kansas City –  more than 10 inches to be exact. We’ve received dozens of calls to help with drainage issues, and we’re happy to help you, too! Rain brings needed moisture but can also cause problems in the landscape. Whether you have rainwater pooling in your […]

Spring = Pruning Time!

When it comes to pruning shrubs and flower beds, Heinen is your go-to expert! Below are some tips on how pruning works and the benefits of cleaning up your garden so it can thrive this spring. Pruning is a horticultural practice that alters and encourages the form and growth of a plant. Based on aesthetics […]

May Planting

Do you ever have problems remembering what plants to plant when? The Natural Gardener breaks it down month by month so you will never forget again. Also, you can always count on Heinen Landscape to answer all your gardening and planting questions. This is your guide to help you with planting though the month of May. SOW SEEDS […]

Top 10 Rules for Spring Gardening

Help ensure your garden’s success by heeding these dos and don’ts from HGTV. Work the Soil When It’s Dry Work the soil only when it’s moderately dry. Tilling, walking on, or cultivating the soil when it’s wet leads to creating something akin to adobe: the whole structure of the soil is destroyed. Provide Drainage  If […]

Spring Has Sprung – Are You Ready?

You promised yourself that this would be the year to transform your landscaping. And guess what? Spring is here! The time is now. Here are some excellent tips to help you begin taken directly from our landscape guide. Click here  to sign up for your free guide now.  TIPS FOR GETTING STARTED The three things […]

How to Manage Stormwater in Your Landscape

Check out this great article from Houzz that explains how you can manage excess water from storms and snow melting. Snow melt and spring rains are on their way, and in many places, excessive runoff from them is a recurring springtime problem. As a homeowner, you can help by allowing water to infiltrate your property […]

Partner with a professional: eases the project process

By Dave Heinen of Heinen Landscape & Irrigation Kansas City Gardener March provides the best opportunity to order the annuals you want to have ready for installation this spring. How do you know what you want or need? Ask yourself a few simple questions and consider a few tried and true suggestions. Before long, you’ll have […]

Winter Time Projects for the Heinen Team

Cold weather doesn’t mean down time at Heinen. We’ve been busy throughout the winter season with a variety of projects around Kansas City. from Mission to Mission Hills, Old Leawood to Overland Park, not to mention Brookside, Prairie Village, Fairway, and Roeland Park. Check out the photos below for projects we can handle – and […]

Awaken your sleeping garden

By Dave Heinen of Heinen Landscape & Irrigation Kansas City Gardener While it’s a little too early to begin planting annuals, April offers a great time to prepare our landscapes for new plantings and fresh growth. For starters, we can begin pruning damaged trees and shrubs, clean away debris, have soil tested and analyzed, apply a […]