Fall Planting Pro Tip – Heinen’s Online Plant Catalog

Each autumn in Kansas City Heinen landscape crews spend a fair amount of time planting thousands of bulbs municipilites businesses and even some homeowneers. Although nothing announces spring more vividly than gorgeous tulips in myriad shades proudly blooming up and down Kansas City’s finest streets and boulevards, fall is actually a great time to get started with many other planting projects that not only look great for a few weeks in the spring, but continue to provide satisfaction for many seasons – and often many years – to come!

During the fall season – a time when copper and gold leaves seem in a race to abandon their trees – the fresh blooms of spring and promise of new plant growth seems centuries away. But don’t let the cooler temps and autumns short days fool you, giving your landscape a little fall attention is the best way to assure healthy and robust plant growth in the spring!

The moderate temperatures of autumn are gentle on new plants, giving them time to put down roots before the bitter cold of winter sets in. Fall planting also avoids the risk of shock from the extreme heat of Kansas City summers.

Ready to take on your fall planting project, but not sure where to start? Heinen Landscape is here to help with our custom-made online tool developed to help with planning your fall plantings! It’s the Heinen Plant Catalog.

If you’re not familiar with Heinen Landscape’s Online Plant Catalog, it might be time to take a look. Not only does the catalog feature plant species that grow best in the Kansas City climate, it’s also easy to use. You can sort and group the featured plants by category – including annuals & perennials; shade & sun; deciduous & evergreens; as well as trees, shrubs and many more!

Select a category (or two, or three) and the Heinen Online Plant Catalog automatically pulls up photos and descriptions of each plant that meets the criteria of each category you select. Best of all, any plants selected can be ordered (and even planted), by Heinen Landscape!

Fall is a great time for planting the seeds, bulbs, saplings and shrubs that manifest themselves as strong and heathy plants, and even more beauty to sunny spring days – at a place that’s like no where else in the world: your home!

Whether looking for ideas to spark your spring landscape thinking or you’re ready to get a head start by planting this fall, be sure to visit our website – and the Heinen Online Plant Catalog – to try out this great and easy to use tool. Need a little extra help bringing your spring landscape vision to life? Book an appointment with one of Heinen’s landscape Pros today and get a head start on spring – and take full advantage of Kansas City’s beautiful fall growing weather. Just give Debbie a call at 913-432-5011.

AquaBlox – The Invisible Yard Drainage Solution

In the past, Kansas City homeowners dealt with excess rainwater issues – like yard flooding and wet basements – by installing French drains, dry creek beds or by grading one’s yard to redirect rainwater away from the home. Sometimes those solutions are not practical as there is just no place for heavy rain to runoff without causing damage to the homeowner’s residence or a neighbor’s residence. The drainage professionals at Heinen Landscape now have a new environment-friendly solution for homeowners with serious drainage issues to consider: AquaBlox!

AquaBlox look a bit like high-tech milk crates – but pack a lot more strength. The individual “Blox” interlock and stack in an excavated underground cavity. The entire AquaBlox installation is buried in the Landscaping Companies KChome’s backyard – inconspicuously covered with soil and grass. Hidden piping redirects excess rainwater away from the home and into the underground AquaBlox installation. Engineered and manufactured for extreme structural support, each of the Blox is also hollow, creating what is essentially an underground storage tank for rainwater.

Not only do AquaBlox help with drainage problems, they can also be used to enhance the cosmetic appearance of your landscape. Have you dreamed of a beautiful backyard oasis – complete with your own water fountain? AquaBlox can be installed along with a decorative water fountain to create an almost magical waterscape that shoots water up – with water falling back into a below-the-surface AquaBlox installation. The water then recycles through the fountain again and again.KC Drainage Companies

Whether AquaBlox are used to prevent flooding – or in an upcoming hardscape project – the natural landscape benefits. When water is stored underground, the ground retains more moisture – a high enough moisture content for healthy (and economical) plant growth.

Ready to learn more about how AquaBlox can solve your rainwater-drainage problems? Or maybe start planning your own outdoor oasis? Heinen can help! Heinen Landscape and Irrigation is Kansas City’s leader in irrigation, lawn maintenance, lawn-care and landscaping. When you’re ready to take on your next outdoor project, just give Debbie a call at (913) 432-5011 and schedule a no-obligation appointment with a Heinen Landscape pro today!

Year-Round Tips for Guaranteed Grass

While Kansas City is in the middle of record breaking heat this summer, you may be wondering if your lawn will ever recover from these hot, dry conditions. Even with extreme weather you can have a beautiful, lush lawn but it requires some planning. The good news: Heinen can help. Heinen knows that the unpredictable weather in Kansas City can make it difficult to keep up with your lawn. But with the Guaranteed Grass® program from Heinen Landscape, the lawn of your dreams starts may be closer than you think! Following are a Guaranteed Grass tips from Heinen’s turf pros!

Summer – Water wisely:To help your lawn be its greenest, and to avoid damage from over or under-watering, consider having the irrigation professionals at Heinen Landscape & Irrigation install an underground automatic sprinkler system. Weekends spent lugging the hose around the yard will be a thing of the past and your lawn will stay hydrated and healthy.

Your irrigation system is not complete without a state-of-the-art control system from our partners at Rachio. As a leader in residential irrigation technology, the Rachio Wi-Fi Smart Sprinkler Controllerprovides homeowners with fingertip control of their home sprinkler systems – direct from their mobile devices!

Fall – Overseeding: The cool fall temperatures in Kansas City make for the best time to plant new
grass seed. The professionals at Heinen Landscape will test your soil to ensure it is healthy enough to grow new grass, then lay down only the highest-quality and most reliable grass seed. Follow-up visits from the Heinen turf maintenance team will ensure new growth prospers – removing sun-blocking leaves and watching for signs of turf mold, insects and other threats to your healthy lawn.

Winter – Give your irrigation system a break: To prevent costly repairs and maintenance in the spring, it is best to have your irrigation system shut down before the first freeze. This ensures your pipes won’t break once the ground temperature drops below freezing. Winterizing our sprinkler system is a process that consists of allowing water lines to drain and then blowing out any remaining water with an air compressor. Heinen’s Irrigation professionals also inspect your sprinkler heads, valves and other moving parts to make sure your equipment is in tip top shape.

Spring – Fertilize: In Kansas City, April is typically the best time of year to begin chemically treating your lawn. The experts at Heinen Landscape will develop a detailed and tailored 6-week chemical application plan designed specifically for your specific lawn. Heinen uses the safest and most reliable products available in the industry to keep your lawn weed, disease, and pest-free. By using only top-of-the-line fertilizers and other treatments your lawn will stay lush, green, and beautiful throughout the entire growing season.

Whether you live in Leawood, Fairway, Overland Park, Mission Hills or Brookside, Heinen’s crews are at your service – and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re only a phone call away from the best landscape and irrigation company around. As a homeowner, rest assured, no one cares about your lawn like Heinen.Get the lawn of your dreams –you’re your weekends back – with Guaranteed Grass!® from Heinen Landscape and Irrigation.

Ready to “get growing”? Give Debbie at Heinen a call for a no-obligation consultation at (913) 432-5011.

5 Essentials for a Summer-Ready Yard

Summer’s here – the season for barbecues, fresh tomatoes, catching fireflies and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family! Is your backyard ready? Heinen Landscape and Irrigation can help prepare your own slice of the great outdoors for the best summer yet. We’ve carefully selected the top 5 elements of a summer-ready backyard:

  1. Patio

A patio is the perfect place for a solitary morning with a book, a festive evening with neighbors – and every occasion in between. To begin your patio all that’s needed is a weather resistant hard surface – from brick or flagstone to concrete or even a mix of materials. The next thing you’ll need if you plan to spend any time outside is a place to sit! From built in stone benches to a shady pergola over your own store purchased seating – Heinen specializes in uniting beauty and function, and we work closely with our customers to create the ideal patio for their particular lifestyle.

  1. Lawn

Your lawn is likely the biggest component of your outdoor space. From sprinklers and drainage to mowing and weed control, Heinen can ensure your grass is at its greenest! Whether you’re rolling out the croquet set or just enjoy the look of a well-kept green expanse, Heinen’s turf experts take lawn-care seriously, taking your yard size, slope, plant materials, soil type, microclimates, weather patterns, water quality, and much more into consideration when maintaining your lawn.

  1. Garden

Planting a garden is one of the most popular ways to add some color to your backyard scene. Heinen can assist you with the design, planting, mulching, edging materials and all you need to get your garden up and started. Curious about growing a particular type of plant in your garden? Try Heinen’s Online Plant Catalog to identify plants best suited for your backyard environment. Our specialists can also provide ongoing maintenance help through insect and pest control, fertilization, and – of course – sprinkler and irrigation services.

  1. Trees

Natural fences, providers of shade, and landscape design elements, trees enhance many aspects of most yards. But they don’t come without their challenges, and that’s why Heinen Landscape and Irrigation is at your service. Our arbor specialists provide pruning, insecticide and fungicide services, and also assistance with any root issues to help you enjoy all that your trees have to offer.

  1. Lighting

Lighting design can elevate your outdoor space with the flip of a switch. Heinen’s lighting design experts can use light to expand your outdoor living area, allowing you to take advantage of those late summer nights. The right lighting can also promote safety and security – not to mention increase your property value and curbside appeal!

Ready to make your backyard a summer haven? We’d love to help you upgrade your outdoor space! The experts at Heinen can help you with all that and more – from fences and decks, to outdoor fireplaces, and playgrounds! Ready to get started? Give Debbie at Heinen a call at (913) 432-5011 and ask her to schedule a no-obligation consultation from a Heinen Landscape specialist!

Gift Dad His Weekends Back this Father’s Day

Searching for the perfect gift for the Dad in your life this Father’s Day? How about a gift that let’s Dad take a break from the hose this summer and every summer after? Give the gift of relaxation this Father’s Day with a professionally installed sprinkler system from Heinen Landscape and Irrigation – complete with a Rachio WiFi enabled control system!

Keep Dad’s yard work to a minimum this year and help him beat the KC heat – with a Father’s Day gift that’s sure to keep a smile on his face all summer long!

Kansas City Irrigation Company Why should your very own Dad of the Year lug a garden hose around the yard in the heat? With the Rachio Wi-Fi Smart Sprinkler Controller, Dad can schedule watering cycles to turn on 2, 3, 4, even 5 times a week – or give the plants a drink anytime they look thirsty with the tap of a smartphone button.

With a Heinen-installed Rachio-controlled lawn irrigation system, each watering zone of your yard is customizable, meaning the Irrigation Pros at Heinen can install an automatic system that will deliver just the right amount of water in each area of your yard – from shaded areas, to those immersed in all day sun, to gardens, shrubs, trees and other plantings.

The best part? This can all be controlled from Dad’s smartphone, tablet or laptop – from inside the house, the office, or even while away on vacation!

Dad never will have to stress about a sudden rainstorm rolling through Kansas City and accidental overwatering. The Rachio system is tied to the National Weather Reporting station closest to your property – always monitoring local rain accumulations – saving time, water, and money!

If automatic lawn-watering is on Dad’s short list of home improvements, call Heinen and see how you can not only make this Father’s Day great for Dad, but also how you can save dollars on your water bills by installing an irrigation system from Heinen.

And, if you already have an irrigation system at your home bit it’s not equipped with a Rachio controller, just give Debbie at Heinen a call at (913) 432-5011 and ask her to have one of our Heinen irrigation specialists stop by for a no obligation quote to upgrade to a Rachio Smart Irrigation Control System!

Get Green this Spring – With Heinen!

The grass is always greener on your side of the fence – with lawn care and lawn maintenance from Heinen Landscape! After a long and dry winter, and a cold and mostly dry spring, you may be wondering if your lawn will ever come back to life. But have no fear, Heinen’s here! We’ll help bring your lush lawn back to life faster than you can say, “Call Debbie at Heinen!”

Proper irrigation is one way to ensure your grass is at its greenest this summer is through proper irrigation. Installing an automatic underground sprinkler system is an excellent way to maintain hydration for your plant life – without over or under watering. The Irrigation Pros at Heinen can install an automatic irrigation system that’s sure to deliver the perfect amount of water for your lawn, shrubs, trees and other plant life – at just the right times – for years and years to come.

Your new irrigation system is not complete without a state of the art control system. State of the art today means control systems by Rachio. As a leader in residential irrigation technology, Rachio provides homeowners fingertip control of their home sprinkler systems – direct from their own smartphones.

The Rachio controller connects to your irrigation system through your home’s internet Wi-Fi, giving you complete sprinkler system control from the comfort of your favorite chair! Through May 1st, 2018, if you’re in the market for a home irrigation system, you don’t want to miss this special offer: A Free Rachio Controller with purchase of a new home irrigation system.

If you’re already a sprinkler system owner, upgrading to a Rachio controller means no more going to the garage to make seasonal watering adjustments. The Rachio controller connects directly to the nearest local National Weather Service forecast center – which means you’ll never again look out your window to see your sprinkler system mindlessly spraying your lawn with gallons of unneeded water – in the midst of a torrential downpour!

And, with Rachio, each watering zone of your yard is customizable, so your property areas with grass will get the just the right amount of water – as will property areas with trees, flowers, shrubs or other plantings.

When considering Heinen for your home irrigation system, be assured that quality – and durability – come first. At Heinen, we use only the most reliable, highest quality irrigation system components on the market – from top manufacturers like Hunter, Rainbird, Febco, Crestline, and MP Rotators. When you work with the best the results speak for themselves!

Get Green this spring – with a call to Heinen! We’re Kansas City’s leading experts in irrigation, lawn maintenance and overall care for your lawn and landscape. Just give Debbie a call at (913) 362-8439 and schedule a no-obligation appointment a Heinen Landscape pro today!