I’m Constantly Recommending Heinen to My Friends!

Heinen customer Barb T. switched from a basic lawn mowing service to Heinen Landscape over fifteen years ago – and now she relies on Dave and the team for all her outdoor needs. “They’ve touched almost every part of our lawn and we get compliments all the time from people just walking by our home!” Barb said recently. Over the years, Heinen has helped Barb with dozens of projects – everything from mowing, fertilizing, and weeding to landscaping, irrigation, and fence installation!

When asked how she decided on Heinen for her lawn care and landscaping needs, Barb said, “They started by just redoing our front flower bed and they did such a good job, it’s just grown from there!”

Barb loves that she can take her outdoor living problems to Heinen and trusts that they’ll come up with a solution that fits her needs. Earlier this year Barb was having some drainage issues on the side of her yard and Heinen came up with a quick solution to keep her yard from flooding. The team also recently installed some bushes by her driveway to hide trash cans from view. “They’re always coming up with great ideas and I am constantly recommending Heinen to my friends,” said Barb.

One of Barb’s favorite things about Dave Heinen and the team is, “They always try to use plants that are natural and indigenous to the area so you’re not struggling with a high-maintenance plant that’s just going to die during the winter. It’s so much easier to care for and makes maintenance better and easier.”

When asked about future plans for her yard, Barb said she had a couple flower beds she wanted to revamp and freshen up a little. She has Heinen out for yard maintenance regularly and she loves that they always make things right. According to Barb, “They’re all so nice and easy to work with. It’s such a wonderful feeling to come home and see how great they did with the yard. There’s definitely a sense of pride in their work.”

Here are a few photos of the beautiful work Heinen did for Barb’s yard!

Heinen Landscape Earth Day Tree Giveaway on KCMO Talk Radio!

Heinen Landscape recently celebrated Earth Day at the Hen House in Corinth Square! Along with handing out free tree saplings to hundreds of customers, Dave Heinen also spoke with Jasper Mirabile and Kimberly Winter Stern live on KCMO Talk Radio 710am! Click below to hear Dave Heinen talk about Earth Day and native trees in Kansas City!


Heinen Earth Day Tree Giveaway a Hit!

Owner Dave Heinen models new landscaping head gear. Future landscapers approve.

Heinen Landscape and Irrigation recently celebrated Earth Day by handing out free native tree saplings at the Hen House in Corinth Square!  On Saturday, April 22nd, hundreds of customers enjoyed complimentary refreshments and doughnuts as they chose their very own tree sapling to take home and plant.

The Black Oak seedlings came ready to plant along with instructions – perfect for teaching kids how to grow and care for a native tree! The kids were so excited to plant them in their own yard and watch them grow –  one happy little boy exclaimed, “This is a dream come true!”



Prairie Elementary School

The Earth Day giveaway was such a hit that Heinen decided to donate 200 additional saplings to the students at Prairie Elementary School. Heinen Landscape & Irrigation is proud to have been part of Earth Day 2017!

If your lawn needs some sprucing up this spring, our professionals at Heinen are experts in landscaping, irrigation, and drainage! And, if you’re finally ready to build that outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming of, give Debbie at Heinen a call at 913-432-5011. She’ll send over of our landscape experts for a no-obligation quote!

Heinen Celebrates Earth Day with Native Tree Giveaway!

To celebrate Earth Day, Heinen is offering free native tree saplings – 1,000 total – at the Corinth Square Hen House in Prairie Village on Saturday, April 22!

Enjoy free refreshments from Hen House and learn more about native plants and trees. Seedlings are ready to plant with care instructions and are free! Teach your child how to grow and care for a native tree or pick one up for yourself. These are first come, first serve – so arrive early!

DATE: Saturday, April 22
TIME: 11am – 3pm (or until saplings are depleted)
WHERE: Hen House Parking Lot – 4050 W. 83rd St., Prairie Village, KS

For over 30 years Heinen Landscape has helped area homeowners with outdoor living projects. Heinen offers expert landscaping, irrigation system installation and service, drainage solutions, complete lawn maintenance and custom landscape and outdoor living area needs. Heinen is proud to be a part of Earth Day 2017.

Guaranteed Grass from Heinen Landscape

KansaHeinen Landscapes City is still recovering from recent historic drought conditions, and we’ll be right back into the dry, hot days of summer before we know it! It’s never too soon to start planning to take back control of your drought or disease damaged grass and start creating the green lawn of your dreams.

The professionals at Heinen Landscape and Irrigation are the leading Turf Pros in the Kansas City area and experts in automatic sprinkler system installation and maintenance. Heinen can help you create an outdoor living area that’s not only hydrated and healthy – but also colorful and vibrant – even throughout the long, hot, and dry days of summer in Kansas City!

You too can have a lush and beautiful lawn all summer long with Heinen’s Guaranteed Grass Package:

•Guaranteed Grass® from Heinen includes a lawn irrigation system, seeding, fertilizing, and regular lawn care applications.

• Heinen Turf Pros will visit your lawn as often as needed between applications to ensure your lawn’s health!

• Reverses long-term effects of drought conditions

• Precision over-seeding, tilling and fertilizing

• Bare-spot and shade grass-growing expertise

• Leaf clean-up, manicured mowing and lawn grooming

• Guaranteed total lawn satisfaction – or your most recent application is free!

Heinen Landscape• Even a low-cost option to upgrade to the Rachio Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller that allows you to operate your sprinkler remotely – from your smart phone!

No one cares about your lawn’s health like Heinen! Get your lawn and weekends back, with
Guaranteed Grass! ® Give Heinen a call for a no-obligation consultation at (913) 432-5011!

It’s Dry Out There – Time to Activate Your Irrigation System!

Grass root systems are drying up as drought conditions continue. Limited snow this winter has made matters worse. Lawns are struggling as roots disintegrate – shrubs are browning and even trees are declining.

Heinen LandscapeIt’s a good idea to give your lawn a nice drink of water after such a dry winter. It may seem early, but now is the time to turn your irrigation system back on!

If Kansas City happens to get another freeze, your system won’t be damaged unless actually spraying during freeze. Not only will our Heinen Landscape and Irrigation professionals turn your sprinkler system on, we’ll make any needed adjustments to heads, check for leaks, and take care of any zone coverage issues.

Give Heinen a call to schedule your sprinkler start up for this year! If your property is in need of an irrigation system, it’s never too early to get on our schedule for installations! Call Debbie at (913) 432-5011 and ask her to have one of Heinen’s irrigation specialists come by and give you a no obligation quote!

Spring Spruce up at Heinen

Heinen LandscapeHeinen Landscape is excited to reveal a brand new sign at our world headquarters in beautiful Merriam, Kansas.  Next time you’re cruising down Merriam Lane, be sure to check it out!

Better yet – give us a call! We’ve spruced up our place, and we would love to spruce up your place, too!

Whether you need a final leaf clean-up from fall, a plan for seasonal color, or help bringing your dream landscape to life, Heinen can help!  Our Landscaping experts cater to all of your outdoor needs! Call Debbie at Heinen to schedule a complimentary estimate today at 913-432-5011.


Make Valentine’s Day Last a Lifetime with a Sweetheart Rose Garden

Because our rose gardens were in such high demand the first time around, we’re holding our second annual Sweetheart Rose Garden Special! This Valentine’s Day, instead of giving a dozen roses, wouldn’t it be great to be able to give an entire rose garden? A Valentine gift that says, “I love you” day after day, year after year – literally the gift of a lifetime for the love of your lifetime.

Heinen Landscape created the Sweetheart Rose Garden Valentine Gift Package as the perfect way to show that special someone all that they mean to you. And, it will be professionally planted by Heinen before Mother’s Day!

Heinen Landscape  The $899.00 package includes a professionally planned and landscaped home rose garden, complete with 10 rose bushes, (with 5 different rose varieties to choose from), soil and bed preparation, a guide to caring for the garden and a follow-up visit from Heinen Landscape to ensure the vibrant good health of your new garden.

The Sweetheart Rose Garden package also comes with a fresh bouquet of premium roses from the Village Flower Company – delivered to your true love’s door on Valentine’s Day (Tuesday, February 14th) – along with a personalized Sweetheart Rose Garden Certificate that announces this one-of-a-kind Rose Garden gift to your Valentine.

Call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011 to give the ultimate Valentine gift of a lifetime.

Spring is only a few weeks away, contact Heinen Landscape to schedule your lawn and landscape projects before the warm weather rush begins!

Cure the Winter Blues With Spring Landscape Planning

It’s a fact, the days are definitely getting longer which means warm weather and the spring growing season will be here faster than you might imagine. And it’s certainly never too early to start planning your next outdoor project.

Letting your imagination take a sunny little siesta from the cold of winter to plan your new spring landscape project is a proven winter blahs-beater! (Trust us on this one – we’ve observed this elixir for years, it’s potent!) And getting to design the look and feel of your own personal landscape is half the fun of property ownership. (The other half is watching it all come to life!)

What are the three things that matter most in landscaping? Planning, planning and more planning! Luckily, Heinen Landscape is here to help! Having a well thought out landscape plan is the most important element in creating your dream landscape. Take a look at a few tips from our Heinen Landscape Guide (more on that in a moment), and get started on your next project!

Step one – Take inventory.  Walkthrough your space and do a thorough analysis of your yard’s strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also want to consider budgeting, scale and timelines during your walkthrough.

Step two – Put your plan on paper. Draw your space so you can get a better idea of how everything will fit. Start with hardscaping elements, and determine the shape of larger spaces like lawns and courtyards first, they set the tone for the rest of the landscape.

Step three – Pick your plants. Decide on a theme and color palette for your new landscape. You’ll want to consider choosing plants that thrive in Kansas City climate.  Heinen has created a tool just for you – the new Heinen Online Plant Catalog!

The Online Plant Catalog gives you an easy way to reference and compare a variety of plants that are well-suited to Kansas City weather conditions. Click here to sign up for complimentary access to the Heinen Online Plant Catalog!

And this is just the beginning – read more in our 20-page Guide to Kansas City Landscaping. The best part: the guide is 100% complimentary! Click here to get started downloading your free landscaping guide!

Need a little more assistance? Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape for a complimentary landscape consultation at (913) 432-5011.

Happy Planning Season!