Maple Japanese ‘Bloodgood’

Compact tree with red-purple foliage.  Upright rounded growth habit.

Maple Amur ‘Flame’

Small upright, spreading tree with a dense, rounded crown.  Red fall color.

Maple Paperbark

Small tree with oval to round growth habit.  This tree is noted for its peeling, cinnamon to reddish brown bark.  Dark green leaves turn red in the fall.

Maple Paperbark trunk

Maple Paperbark trunk

Magnolia Sweetbay

White flowers during early summer.  Columnar growth habit with dark green leaves.

Magnolia Sweetbay flower

Magnolia Sweetbay flower

Magnolia Royal Star

Large, white flowers in the Spring.  Upright, rounded growth habit with yellow-bronze Fall color.

Magnolia Royal Star flower

Magnolia Royal Star flower

Magnolia Jane

Small tree or large shrub.  Tulip shaped flowers are reddish purple outside and white inside.  Leaves are dark green and somewhat leathery in appearance.

Magnolia Bracken’s Brown Beauty

Beautiful specimen with dark green leaves that are cinnamon brown on the reverse.  Large creamy white flowers are long lasting.  Evergreen.

Lilac Ivory Silk

Small tree with a rounded crown.  Creamy white, fragrant flowers are arranged in dense clusters.  Yellow Fall color.

Hornbeam Frans Fontaine

Columnar form, the narrowest of the columnar Hornbeams.  Dark green foliage with yellow fall color.

Goldenrain tree

Small openly branched, irregularly shaped tree.  Yellow flowers in the summer and yellow color in the fall.