Juniper Spartan

Narrow, columnar tree.  Very drought tolerant.

Juniper Keteleeri

Narrow, upright pyramidal growth habit.  Bright blue berries attract birds in the winter.

Juniper Keteleeri foliage

Juniper Keteleeri foliage

Juniper Canaertii

Distinctive horizontal branches and an open habit.  Bright blue berries will attract birds.

Juniper Canaertii foliage

Juniper Canaertii foliage

Spruce Serbian ‘Riverside’

A pyramidal accent that should stay under 20′ and very narrow.  Needles are green on top and silvery blue on the underside.

Spruce Serbian

A narrow, pyramidal, spire-like tree with mendant branches that ascend at the tips.  Flattened bright green needles have a silvery underside.

Spruce Oriental ‘Green Knight’

Compact Oriental Spruce with a narrow pyramidal form.  Short needles on multiple stems create density as it matures.  Light green new foliage matures dark green.

Spruce Oriental ‘Deer Run’

Very narrow and upright.  The needles are more blue than green and stay tight to the branch.

Spruce Norway

Norway Spruce is arguably the best Spruce for our area.  It can get very large with arching branches that have drooping branchlets.  Dark Green needles.

Spruce Columnar Blue

Upright, narrow, columnar habit.  Excellent blue color.

Spruce Colorado Blue

Upright pyramidal tree with bright, blue-green needles that are very sharp and stiff.