Switchgrass Heavy Metal

A clumping upright grass that has blue-green foliage.

Prairie Dropseed

A clumping grass that grows 2-3′ tall. It turns orange in the fall and cream color in the winter.

Maiden Grass

An upright to arching ornamental grass. Many different varieties that offer different bloom color, bloom time and mature height.

Little Bluestem

A native grass that grows in loose clusters and branches out at the top. The leaves are green, blue or purple and turn red-orange in the fall.

Liriope Variegated

The leaves are green with cream-yellow margins. Tufted, evergreen, grass like foliage. Purple flowers in the fall.

Liriope Big Blue

Big Blue has tufted, evergreen, grass like foliage.  Violet blue flowers are followed by dark blue berries in the fall.

Fountain Grass Dwarf Hameln

Hameln Grass is great in masses and grows to 2′ including the flower plumes.

Feather Reed Grass

A clump forming grass that flowers in May with its white spring plumes.