Heinen Now Featuring Techo-Bloc

Minsky's Pizza Heinen Landscape is excited to now be a supplier and installer of Techo-Bloc products! As concrete pavers and masonry manufacturers, Techo-Bloc’s mission is to design and manufacture the finest quality hardscape and masonry products in the industry. Heinen Landscape professional designers have the experience to help design and create a detailed landscape plan with Techo-Bloc products. Three great reasons to consider Techo-Bloc products in your new hardscape installation:


1. Strength and durability of products begins at the core – and Techo-Bloc uses only the highest-grade ingredients throughout every stone.
2. Techo-Bloc products are engineered to overcome even the harshest climates and are almost 3 times stronger than poured concrete.
3. Techo-Bloc products are designed with style and substance. The Techo-Bloc team creates trendsetting products that push the boundaries of landscape design.

Heinen LandscapeThe skilled design professionals at Heinen specialize in enhancing outdoor living areas by integrating  dramatic landscape and hardscape features – now featuring the unique and exciting look of Techo-Bloc. And once the design plan is complete, no Kansas City landscape company is better equipped to install this high-quality landscape stone than Heinen.

Heinen Landscape professionals take pride in creating unique environments suited to individual lifestyles. More than ever before, Techo-Bloc has raised the bar on what is possible in hardscaping – embracing color and form while uniting beauty and function.

If you’re ready for a new and exciting look in outdoor living, we’re ready to help your own vision of the great outdoors become a reality. Give Debbie at Heinen a call at (913) 432-5011 for a complimentary consultation.

Heinen Earth Day Tree Giveaway a Hit!

Owner Dave Heinen models new landscaping head gear. Future landscapers approve.

Heinen Landscape and Irrigation recently celebrated Earth Day by handing out free native tree saplings at the Hen House in Corinth Square!  On Saturday, April 22nd, hundreds of customers enjoyed complimentary refreshments and doughnuts as they chose their very own tree sapling to take home and plant.

The Black Oak seedlings came ready to plant along with instructions – perfect for teaching kids how to grow and care for a native tree! The kids were so excited to plant them in their own yard and watch them grow –  one happy little boy exclaimed, “This is a dream come true!”



Prairie Elementary School

The Earth Day giveaway was such a hit that Heinen decided to donate 200 additional saplings to the students at Prairie Elementary School. Heinen Landscape & Irrigation is proud to have been part of Earth Day 2017!

If your lawn needs some sprucing up this spring, our professionals at Heinen are experts in landscaping, irrigation, and drainage! And, if you’re finally ready to build that outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming of, give Debbie at Heinen a call at 913-432-5011. She’ll send over of our landscape experts for a no-obligation quote!

Preparing Your Outdoors for Winter in Kansas City

Heinen LandscapeMany of us tend to forget that our lawns still require care during the winter months. There are many things you can do to prepare and protect your yard for the cold winter days. If you’re looking for some winter care tips, Heinen Landscape has put together a few things to keep in mind as the leaves change and we gear up for winter!

If you’ve taken some of your plants outside for the summer to enjoy the warm sun and fresh air, don’t forget to bring them back inside! It’s usually not as simple as just moving a pot from one place to another. You’ll want to be sure that you get rid of any pests that have made their way into the dirt over the summer. These pesky bugs might hitchhike over to your other indoor plants and around your house. You can use a hose to water and help knock off any unwanted pests like spider mites. If your plant has grown significantly since being outside, you might consider repotting them.

And don’t forget the fall cleanup for your garden! It’s important to keep your garden clean aHeinen Landscapend in shape, even during the long winter. Start by removing anything you use to support your plants like tomato cages or bean stakes. Also, be sure to get rid of any dead plants or vegetables. If any plants look like they may be carrying a disease, dispose of those plants by either throwing them away or burning them.

Plan your winter landscape during the warmer days of fall! Some plants that are popular for winter landscapes include those that contain colorful berries, catch snow on the branches, have a delicate structure, or showcase bark that is colorful or an unusual texture. There are many plants that thrive in the cold winter months in Kansas City. Sign up for free access to our Heinen Plant Catalog to give you a better idea of which plants work better during winter in the cold Kansas City winter climate.

Heinen LandscapeFall is a great time to start planning your spring projects! It’s the perfect time to assess the needs of your home and those projects you’ve been thinking about doing for years. Anything from retaining walls to planning the installation for that outdoor patio you’ve always dreamed of. The landscape specialists at Heinen can help you create a cost effective plan that is well-suited to your property. If you book with Heinen in the fall for a spring project, you’ll be first on our list in the spring – and you’ll have the entire summer to enjoy your new landscape!

Of course with the leaves changing colors, this time of year is always beautiful in and around Kansas City. We thought we’d share a list from The Missouri Department of Conservation of some of the best places to see fall foliage in Kansas City

The outdoor experts at Heinen Landscape would love to help you get started on planning your next project. From winter landscaping needs to making that area outdoor kitchen come alive next spring – or just getting your irrigation system inspected and winterized, Heinen Landscape caters to all of your outdoor needs! Call Debbie at Heinen for all of your landscape needs or to schedule a complimentary spring project estimate today at 913-432-5011.

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