5 Tips to Get Growing Again this Spring

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You’ve been waiting patiently for spring to arrive – and so have your trees, shrubs, lawn and plants! The outdoor experts at Heinen know exactly what to do to give your outdoor living areas that fresh, spring look you’ve been waiting for! We’ve put together a list of a few things you can do to get your lawn and garden thriving and beautiful again after the cold months of winter.

1. Damage control – Assess your garden for any damage that occurred during the cold winter months. Clean excess leaves out of plant beds and add mulch to any areas that have thinned. Also, if any shrubs were pushed up by frost heave, replant them. Try not to step in muddy areas, as your footprints may compress the soil.

2. Water – This is important during the cool weeks and early spring, give your plants the water they’ll need on days when the sun does comes out. After all, that warm spring air is well on it’s way. (Having an irrigHeinen People Gardeningation system from Heinen Landscape in place is a sure way to make sure your plants are getting the
exact amount of water they need!)

3. Prune – Prune out all of the
branches that died over the cold winter months, or any branches that contrast with how you want your garden to look.

4. Fertilize – This can help your lawn and garden grow thick and lush this year. However, if it’s not used correctly, it can cause damage to your plants. Be sure to use it at the right time and give the right amount! Questions about fertilizing? Heinen can help, give us a call!

5. Add Some Color – Now that you have a clean surface and fertilized soil, you can get to the fun part! Be sure to pick the right flowers that
will thrive during the seasons you want them to, and be aware of the type of care they’ll need. Not sure the which flowers to plant where? Call Heinen.

These are just a few tips for your landscape and garden that will give them the jump start they need to spring into spring! There’s much to be done, so take it one project at a time. Downloading Heinen’s free “Guide to Kansas City Landscaping” can be a big help in getting you started.

And, if it all seems a little overwhelming, it might be time to call in the professionals! The landscape experts at Heinen will make sure your lawn and garden are flourishing and beautiful this spring and all year long. Call Debbie at (913)-432-5011 for a no obligation landscape evaluation and free estimate. Spring has sprung – now let’s get growing!