If there is an improper or miscalculated slope to your yard, you could end up with the swampy mess in this photo.

You can’t control Kansas City weather, but you can manage how Kansas City weather impacts your home. Without the proper drainage system in place, rainwater may pool in your yard or run toward your home foundation which can lead to structural issues within your home, damage to plants and flowers, and lead to an increase in bugs and even termites. In short, pooling rainwater can turn your property into one swampy – and expensive to repair – mess.  Signs that you may have poor drainage are:

  • Water in your basement after it rains
  • Dead grass, trees and plants
  • Soil erosion around the exterior of your home
  • Excess ice buildup on walkways and patios in the winter

There are many types of residential drainage issues. Here are three of the most common:

Drainage Problem #1: Yard Slope

The majority of drainage problems are caused by an inadequate pitch or slope in your yard that prohibits rainwater from flowing away from your home and other structures. In extreme cases, water is funneled from the roof through gutters and downspouts onto soil that actually tilts the rainwater back toward the home’s foundation. The property damage issues that can arise from this problem can be a financial nightmare.

In this photo, you can see the importance of a proper downspout situation.

Drainage Problem #2: Downspout Issues

Sometimes newer homes develop drainage problems because builders don’t properly install downspouts on the residence. An incorrect installation may not properly channel water out and away from property structures – often causing rainwater to pool in an area. The pooling can kill plant life and leave behind dangerous pet-harming mold. Turf that experiences repetitive cycles of over-saturation and subsequent drying can develop deep soil cracks that serve as ongoing channels that may lead rainwater back to the home’s foundation – again, causing wet basements and structural damage.

Drainage Problem #3: Erosion from Water Runoff

Eroded areas of a property – raw, dirt areas of a yard where plant life doesn’t flourish and root systems do not tie soil in place – often occur where excessive downspout water emerges from poorly maintained or improperly installed gutters and drainpipes. Water always flows downhill through the path of least resistance – and when it rains that path becomes a muddy mess, causing more erosion and more plant damage.

Drainage Issues? Heinen Can Help
If any of these problems sound familiar, it might be time to call the drainage pros at Heinen Landscape. The team at Heinen can help you avoid costly property damage by designing and implementing dependable drainage systems that will protect your property for a lifetime. If you have excess rainwater issues that are causing harm to your property, why not contact Heinen to discuss a permanent solution? After all, we have 30+ years of experience in turning rainwater nightmares into attractive drainage solutions. Just call Debbie at (913) 432-5011 to schedule an appointment with a one of Heinen’s drainage experts today!