A warm, neutral-toned seat wall provides extra seating for this al fresco dining patio.

Retaining walls are typically installed to control rainfall drainage issues, but they also can add character and functionality to your property’s landscaping . Retaining walls can be functional at flood control – while simultaneously transforming the look and feel of your outdoor space as a visually interesting hardscape element.

The Seat Wall – The Retaining Wall with a Flair

A common retaining wall moderates slope and aids gravity in redirecting rainwater flow – typically away from a home’s foundation; in other cases the retaining wall transforms a steeply graded backyard into a series of leveled terraces. No doubt, both are useful – but, as long as a wall is going to be constructed, why not imagine additional possibilities? For example, with some additional height built into the wall design and the addition of a flat capstone, retaining walls can also serve as a functional seat wall.

And, if you are changing the slope of your yard using a retaining wall to create a leveled area for a patio, why not increase the  the height of the wall around the entire patio and add capstones for seating – and perhaps even add recessed LED wall lighting below the capstone seating? Such an improvement instantly improves your outdoor living area by providing a cozy conversation pit – for both day and nighttime use.

Using complementary colors and materials for both the new seat wall and the patio it surrounds elevates the overall aesthetic of the new entertainment area by linking it all together – providing visual cohesion for the entire space. With this unique design solution, the retaining wall itself becomes nearly invisible as a hardworking and highly functional rainwater management tool; instead, your new patio and its surrounding seat wall will become the central focus of your outdoor living area.

Westwood Hardscape Heinen

This conversation pit is surrounded by a seat wall with a custom-built fire feature.

The Seat Wall as Elevated Design Element

If you’re looking to elevate your outdoor living space to the next level, there are numerous add-on features that may complement your seat wall and patio. For example, adding a water feature or fire feature (or both!) to your wall area will certainly make your patio even more luxurious. Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces can also be built-in to your plans – your only limitation is space and budget. That said, it’s also possible to construct your entertainment area in stages. You may start with a seat wall, and even add a fire or water feature to the space at a later date.

Another spectacular way to upgrade your patio space is with professional outdoor lighting! You can add fixtures along the top of your wall or cleverly hide them from view along the bottom edge of the top cap. Including lighting as part of your design instantly extends your patio usage possibilities from day into night. With a high-quality exterior lighting system installed within your patio space, comfortable outdoor evenings are always on-call – with just the flick of a switch. And, when using a lighting control system from trusted Heinen partners like FX Luminaire, you always have complete control of your lighting system – allowing  you to choose from a wide variety of built-in lighting programs and enabling you to set seasonal on-off schedules, not to mention changing the color of your outdoor lighting scene as often as you like.

Prescott Manufactured Stone from Techo-Bloc.

Techo-Bloc and Unilock – Heinen-Recommended Manufactured Stone Products

Whatever color and style of stone you desire for your outdoor space, Heinen can help you find the perfect combination from the multitude of varieties available from Heinen’s preferred manufactured-stone suppliers, including Techo-Bloc and Unilock. Beyond the impressive variety within their product lines, the products themselves are also incredibly durable – being built to last and to look great for decades to come.

The customization possibilities within these companies’ manufactured stone lines are virtually endless. Whether you opt to orchestrate a blend of multiple styles and colors, or use monochromatic selections from within just one line, you can’t go wrong with these two great suppliers.

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