Looking for a gift that keeps landscaping looking great and saves time, water, and money? Try Rachio!

A great gift to give – or get for yourself! – is the third generation of sprinkler controllers from Rachio. This innovative sprinkler controller contains the irrigation industry’s most advanced watering technology and transfers that power to the palm of your hand with a comprehensive and easy-to-use smartphone app. With just a few taps on your phone, you have the power to make smart schedule adjustments, analyze water usage, skip watering sessions, do a quick sprinkler run, and much, much more!

Rachio created the Rachio 3 controller with water efficiency in mind. When it comes to irrigation in the U.S., the EPA estimates that more than 50% of the water used is completely wasted due to factors like wind, evaporation, and run-off. To combat these issues, it is essential to build water-saving systems with components designed to use water efficiently. For the irrigation specialists at Heinen, this means utilizing high-efficiency components that disperse water the most effectively – and when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, the Rachio 3 controller exceeds expectations.

Water-Saving Technology

With a Rachio controller, each of your property’s irrigation zones can be individually customized based on their specific watering needs. Factors that determine the needs of a zone range from the soil and plant types, the type of sprinkler nozzles installed on the system, the exposure to sunlight the zone receives, recent rain in the area, the slope of the property – and several more.

The Rachio controller has the data resources and computing power to break down these factors in real-time and determine the exact amount of water necessary to keep each zone healthy. By processing this data, the Rachio controller can drastically diminish the amount of water that could be wasted by overwatering without risking killing your plants by not watering them enough.

And that’s not all of Rachio’s water-saving capabilities. The controller is connected to a network consisting of thousands of National Weather Service monitoring stations, sending it the most up-to-date real-time weather information available.

Rain, high winds, cold weather, whatever the local conditions may be, the Rachio controller takes the information and calculates how to adjust your system’s watering schedule. Not only will your Rachio controller automatically skip watering sessions when rain is on the way, but it also retains and compares data on past, present, and projected future moisture levels, so that your system will know just the right amount of water needed.

Easy & Convenient to Use

Rachio also created a handy app that can be accessed on a mobile device. And, although Heinen’s irrigation team professionally programs the app specifically for your property, the app provides the ability to make real-time watering choices directly from your smartphone – including starting and stopping lawn watering whenever desired.

The Rachio app also provides real-time notifications – including when the controller intends to skip watering due to local weather conditions. The system also provides alerts regarding possible leaks or valve malfunctions, a nice feature since most homeowners wouldn’t easily notice these issues until after a great deal of water has been wasted (and water bills have soared!).

Give (or Get) the Gift of Rachio for the Holidays

If you or someone in your life would like the convenience, ease, and money-saving benefits that come along with a new sprinkler control system, Heinen is here to help! Whether there is an all-new system on the horizon or a current system that could use an efficiency tune-up, a new Rachio control system is an excellent way to keep a home irrigation system working at peak performance – while saving water (good for the planet!) and saving money (good for the wallet!). Best of all, a new controller or irrigation system install can be scheduled today for the spring of 2023. One call to Heinen does it all!


If you’d like to learn more about Rachio controllers or home irrigation systems in general, the irrigation pros at Heinen are here to help. Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape at (913) 432-5011 today to set up a complimentary consultation!