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Is your yard looking a little dull from the dreary winter months?  Heinen is here to help! With the free Heinen Guide to Kansas City Landscaping, you can create a plan to take your browned out lawn and foliage from zero to hero in no time. The secret to your best spring ever is having a plan for success. The complimentary Heinen Landscape Guide offers you all the tips you’ll need, and it’s just in time for spring planning!

Here are just a few “thought starter” tips taken from Heinen’s Kansas City Landscaping guide:

What matters most in landscaping?IMG_7374

Planning! A well thought out landscape plan is crucial to having a truly beautiful landscape. Be sure to follow these steps when planning:

Think about how you would use your garden.

Do you need a space for the kids to play, or a space to entertain guests, or just a space to relax?

Look around your neighborhood.

If your neighbors have landscaping you like, keep that in mind. You might be able to incorporate their ideas into your own design.

Keep track of existing trees, shrubs and flowerbeds on your property.

As well as garages, fountains and paths.  This will give you a better idea of the possibilities and problems when designing your new landscape.

And this is just the beginning – read more in the 20-page Guide to Kansas City Landscaping. The best part: the guide is 100% complimentary! Click here to get started downloading your free landscaping guide!

The Ultimate Valentine: The Sweetheart Rose Garden

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For years, a dozen red roses has been the symbol of affection.  But times have changed and now a bouquet of roses can be had in most any grocery store or dot-com almost any time of year. What was once an elegant and romantic mid-February surprise has lost some of its luster.

At Heinen Landscape we want to help make Valentine’s Day special again. When it comes to flowers, especially roses, we believe presentation matters. So, instead of giving that someone special a random bouquet from 1-800 Rosebuds, why not give your sweetheart an entire rose garden?


$899.00 completeUltimate Sweetheart Rose Garden

The ultimate Valentine gift of roses that says, “I love you” every day of the year!

  • A professionally planned, and landscaped home Rose Garden installation
  • Ten (10) rose bushes – with five beautiful varieties to choose from
  • Soil and bed preparation (soil amending); complete maintenance instruction
  • Rose Garden Installation completed by Mother’s Day!
  • Special: One Dozen Premium Roses in a bouquet from Village Flower Company of Prairie Village – delivered on Valentine’s Day
  • “Sweetheart Rose Garden” Certificate – announces your gift of a custom Sweetheart Rose Garden to your Valentine – delivered along with fresh rose bouquet!

Heinen Landscape Village Flower Company Valentine Rose Bouquet


Heinen Landscape has partnered with Village Flower Company (for over 30 years, Kansas City’s premium rose retailer) to create the ultimate Valentine!

Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape (913) 432-5011 today for more details.


Order must be complete by Wednesday, February 10 to make February 14th Delivery




Heinen Rose Garden Village Flower

Heinen Featured in Turf Magazine

Heinen was recently featured in Turf Magazine for the Extreme Landscape Makeover story!

In September, Heinen brought the entire team out for a one-day extreme landscape makeover at KVC Health Systems—an Olathe, KS nonprofit and national leader in adoption and child welfare education.

The Heinen team spent the entire day transforming and beautifying the landscape at KVC’s headquarters and its sister venue, the Ball Conference Center. Heinen partnered with local vendors for the project including various materials, resulting in a $20,000 donation to KVC— all completed in one day.

Dave Heinen said of the special event, “Adoption and finding lifetime homes for children is an important cause. And KVC does a great job uniting kids and families. Our people really wanted to take the time to help a great cause in our community, and KVC was a perfect fit.”

You can read the Turf recap feature by clicking here

Spring Has Sprung – Are You Ready?

You promised yourself that this would be the year to transform your landscaping. And guess what? Spring is here! The time is now. Here are some excellent tips to help you begin taken directly from our landscape guide. Click here  to sign up for your free guide now. 


The three things that matter most in landscaping? Planning, planning and more planning. Having a well thought out landscape plan is the first and most important step in creating a truly beautiful landscape. Following are some points to consider before you start.

STUDY THE SUN AND WIND PATTERNS. You might be considering placing a patio on the west side of the house, however, the afternoon sun will be intense, which means dinnertime in August won’t be relaxing, just hot.

MAKE A LIST OF YOUR NEEDS AND WANTS. Are your kids in need of play space? Have you always wanted a vegetable garden? Is a patio a place where your family will actually spend time together? It’s also good to do some rough sketches of your yard with thoughts of where you might want to place things.

guide_3CONSIDER A FOCAL POINT.  A good landscape design has a focal point – or even a series of focal points. This may be a water feature, an exotic plant, a beautiful tree, or well-manicured shrubs. The point is to have something to draw your eye in and move you through the landscape.

ACCENTUATE PROPERTY FEATURES. Landscape, from an artistic perspective, can accentuate the best attributes of the property, as well as diminish or hide flaws. By using elevation changes, lighting, color and scale, you can redirect the eye to the more pleasing components of the property, creating a pleasing visual experience.

THINK “VARIATION.” Pacing and scale give your yard a pulled-together look. But there should be variations in color, size and shape. Paths can also lead people through the space. Repeat some elements, whether a common color, shape or type of plant, so there’s a sense of continuity. Also, try adding an element that’s different and will stand out from the landscape.

Check back soon to read about the next step in the process: TAKE INVENTORY. 


How to Manage Stormwater in Your Landscape

Check out this great article from Houzz that explains how you can manage excess water from storms and snow melting.

Snow melt and spring rains are on their way, and in many places, excessive runoff from them is a recurring springtime problem. As a homeowner, you can help by allowing water to infiltrate your property instead of sending it offsite through storm drains.Infiltration is nature’s way of slowly cleansing, storing and releasing water into the aquifer. That’s why creating a permeable landscape that absorbs stormwater is one of the best things you can do to improve water quality and reduce runoff. Learn how infiltration functions in the landscape and see some ideas for implementing it in your home garden.

Winter Time Projects for the Heinen Team

Cold weather doesn’t mean down time at Heinen. We’ve been busy throughout the winter season with a variety of projects around Kansas City. from Mission to Mission Hills, Old Leawood to Overland Park, not to mention Brookside, Prairie Village, Fairway, and Roeland Park. Check out the photos below for projects we can handle – and finish – during the cold winter months. Whether it’s irrigation, retaining walls, drainage, backyard improvements, we can get the job done.

Spring is just around the corner, (in fact winter is halfway over as of today – Groundhogs Day!), call Heinen to book your spring project now!

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A new paved walkway in Crestwood PicMonkey Collage22

Grading for sod

Irrigation installation

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Stormwater drain installation