It’s been an unusual spring in Kansas City – and in most cities here and abroad. With many travel destinations closed (and air travel itself being of questionable safety), now might be the time to think about transforming your backyard into a safe and beautiful, private sanctuary – a place where you and your family can gather, relax and spend quality time together. Whether you’re starting from the ground up or transforming an existing patio or deck, Heinen can help create a unique and inviting outdoor space – a private and peaceful family gathering place, perfect for hosting a family summer staycation (no boarding pass required!).

Sit around the fire-pit with friends and family after the sun goes down.

The Perfect Staycation Destination

The backyard is a natural extension of your home – a sunny, fresh-air retreat and welcome respite from the harshness of Kansas City winters. This year particularly, with the pandemic of 2020, the backyard is also a calming escape from the mask-wearing, social-distancing public spaces that are today’s new normal.

A well thought out patio area can offer everything from intimate spaces to enjoy dinner al fresco with a loved one to dedicated areas for entertaining guests. Features like fire-pits, water features, and outdoor kitchens keep the fun going long after the sun goes down.

Lighting for Aesthetics and Security

Lighting walkways as seen in the photos here, is a major part of home security.

New landscaping, when properly lit, can change the look of your entire backyard day and night. Outdoor lighting not only extends the time you are able to spend in your outdoor retreat. you’ll also take comfort in knowing you’ve created a safer living space for you and your family. From both a safety and design perspective, consider lighting walkways and other high-activity zones – such as seating and dining areas.

Improve home security by placing lights near home entrances, in dark corners of your property, and along walkways leading from driveways to entryways. It’s often true that rarely do two property areas need exactly the same amount or type of light. Walkways and dark corners may require direct or brighter lighting for security and safety purposes. Areas such as seating or dining nooks may benefit from a dimming feature so light may be adjusted to accommodate for the level of intimacy desired for the occasion.

Ensure Privacy

Select greenery that is both aesthetically pleasing and provides privacy.

Hardscape features such as retaining walls and a variety of fencing options can help ensure privacy for backyard patios, but decorative lattice, many varieties of shrubs and even natural stone can be placed in combination for a great visual effect while also obscuring views from nearby homes. When choosing to go the lattice route, climbing vines may be used to fill empty spaces between cross-ribs, providing both natural beauty and privacy.

Going natural by choosing live trees and shrubs for your project is an environmentally sound method for adding privacy to your outdoor space. There are several varieties of shrubs and trees that are hearty enough to withstand the extreme variations of Kansas City weather, and also look beautiful. Check out the Heinen online Kansas City Plant Catalog for more information, photos and general reference and characteristics of trees and shrubs that thrive in Kansas City.

The thought of planning your backyard oasis can be daunting, whether the concern is how to best utilize a vast abundance of space or deciding how to make the most of yard space. Fortunately, the landscape and lighting pros at Heinen have years of experience and are sure to create the perfect answer to your specific backyard retreat needs!

Ready to get started transforming your backyard living area? Then it might be time to contact the landscape, hardscape and lighting pros at Heinen. Just call Debbie at (913) 432-5011 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.