Cure the Winter Blues With Spring Landscape Planning

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It’s a fact, the days are definitely getting longer which means warm weather and the spring growing season will be here faster than you might imagine. And it’s certainly never too early to start planning your next outdoor project.

Letting your imagination take a sunny little siesta from the cold of winter to plan your new spring landscape project is a proven winter blahs-beater! (Trust us on this one – we’ve observed this elixir for years, it’s potent!) And getting to design the look and feel of your own personal landscape is half the fun of property ownership. (The other half is watching it all come to life!)

What are the three things that matter most in landscaping? Planning, planning and more planning! Luckily, Heinen Landscape is here to help! Having a well thought out landscape plan is the most important element in creating your dream landscape. Take a look at a few tips from our Heinen Landscape Guide (more on that in a moment), and get started on your next project!

Step one – Take inventory.  Walkthrough your space and do a thorough analysis of your yard’s strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also want to consider budgeting, scale and timelines during your walkthrough.

Step two – Put your plan on paper. Draw your space so you can get a better idea of how everything will fit. Start with hardscaping elements, and determine the shape of larger spaces like lawns and courtyards first, they set the tone for the rest of the landscape.

Step three – Pick your plants. Decide on a theme and color palette for your new landscape. You’ll want to consider choosing plants that thrive in Kansas City climate.  Heinen has created a tool just for you – the new Heinen Online Plant Catalog!

The Online Plant Catalog gives you an easy way to reference and compare a variety of plants that are well-suited to Kansas City weather conditions. Click here to sign up for complimentary access to the Heinen Online Plant Catalog!

And this is just the beginning – read more in our 20-page Guide to Kansas City Landscaping. The best part: the guide is 100% complimentary! Click here to get started downloading your free landscaping guide!

Need a little more assistance? Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape for a complimentary landscape consultation at (913) 432-5011.

Happy Planning Season!