The Heinen Landscape team completes Shawnee homeowner’s drainage and backyard entertainment area project just in time for patio season!

A Shawnee homeowner reached out to the Heinen team this spring about an ongoing rainwater drainage issue and a new patio installation project that, with some careful materials and labor coordination, could be managed simultaneously during the same two-week period – allowing completion in time for the peak of the backyard entertainment season.

The side yard before regrading from drainage.

Property drainage issues during heavy rain are a common issue with many area homes as hardened, dry soil has a difficult time absorbing rainwater when it falls quickly at heavy volume. To compound the problem, over time, soil can shift and leave gaps around a home’s foundation leaving a convenient path for rainwater to breach into home’s basement. Drainage issues can also be amplified by faulty gutters or poorly directed downspouts – or, thanks to gravity, even rainwater running downhill from a neighbor’s yard directly into your own.

Even if there’s no apparent seepage of rainwater into a home’s basement, pooling water still poses a serious threat to landscaping, lawns, shrubs, and other plant life. In fact, pets can suffer from the after-effects of pooling rainwater – as, once it evaporates, dangerous mold can be left behind causing serious health risks to small dogs and cats.

For the Shawnee project, the crew began by re-grading the side yard to create an elevation that would adequately redirect water away from the house and down to the street and storm drain. To further assist water egress during the heaviest of rains, the area where the elevation shift occurred was covered with a bed of landscape-grade river rock which, in effect, was a dry stream bed.

The river rock gave the side yard an attractive, natural look; and, with the weed-blocking fabric below, it is also low maintenance. When heavy rains occur, the river rock provides an easy pathway for the rainwater to exit the property – without the threat of soil erosion.

The Heinen team preparing the area where the new patio will go.

While the drainage issues were being resolved, the Heinen hardscape pros were tackling the homeowner’s other request – an attractive entertainment area extending from the back of the home. Step one included the demolition and removal of an old, worn-out patio. Once clear of all debris, the hardscape team leveled the designated patio space, machine-packed the soil for long-term stability, then releveled the soil and finally laid a thick and sturdy base of crushed limestone. Without the solid lower base, the new patio would, over time, be vulnerable to uneven settling and shifting.

With the base ready, it was time to bring on the real star of the new entertainment area – Techo-Bloc manufactured stone pavers. Quality, manufactured pavers like Techo-Bloc have become the popular choice over poured concrete patios today thanks to their ultralong lifespans, durability during even the harshest of weather, and the thousands of colors, patterns, shapes, and complementary hardscape materials that match the patio such as stones for seat walls, firepits and much more.

Techo-Bloc pavers in varying sizes.

The homeowners chose a paver that was available in multiple sizes allowing the Heinen team to create an attractive interlocking pattern. The clean, geometric lines of the multi-sized stones gave the patio a modern feel while the chosen warm and cool palette of blended colors gave the finished installation a oneness with surrounding plantings and nature.

With the hardscape work complete, the Heinen landscape team completed the new backyard entertainment by installing new sod around the patio perimeter – instantly giving the finished project a polished and complete look.

With the dual objective project complete, the homeowners would no longer have to deal with stressful drainage issues and, they had a brand-new outdoor living space to boot – just in time for summer. Their new entertainment area was the perfect size, with plenty of space for grilling, conversation, and just relaxing – with plenty of backyard greenspace left to enjoy, and to consider for future projects.

With over 30 years of experience in transforming thousands of Kansas City’s outdoor spaces into their owners’ versions of personal backyard paradise, the Heinen Landscape pros are here to help when you’re ready to tackle your own new outdoor transformation! Call Debbie at Heinen at 913-432-5011 to schedule a no-obligation consultation or complete this form to get started today!

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We had the chance to chat with one of our clients, Ashley M., who recently moved into a beautiful home in Sunset Hills West. “We saw the Heinen trucks working on a couple of our neighbor’s yards across the street, so we gave them a call,” said Ashley. “We’re so glad we did! Heinen has been really knowledgeable in removing overgrown ivy and in the general upkeep of our yard.”

Ashley and her husband have been working with Blake, one of Heinen’s senior lawncare professionals, and say they’ve had a great experience.  “My husband really enjoys working with Blake and really trusts what he has to say,” said Ashley.

When asked what made Heinen stand out from other companies, Ashley replied, “Whether we needed trees trimmed above the pool or ivy removed from our brick house, Heinen Landscape has really become our trusted advisor on how to care for our landscape,” said Ashley.

Ashley added, “They’re observant, always paying great attention to detail and they really notice important things that need to be done with the yard – but we never feel like we’re being oversold.”

If you have a Heinen landscape project or experience that you’d like to share, please let us know! Or, if you would like to receive information on Heinen services or receive a no obligation quote, please contact us here – or, just call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll schedule a visit with one of Heinen’s Landscape pros!

Take a look at Ashley’s property in the photo gallery below!

“With Heinen, you know it’s gonna be done right!” 

With a full list of landscaping companies to choose from, picking a reliable and qualified team can be frustrating or difficult – especially if you don’t have any prior experience. When everyone around you either “does it themselves” (say yikes to withered grass and unreliable drainage) or has a separate referral, it’s hard to know whom to trust. Thankfully for Jeff, choosing Heinen Landscaping was not only the right choice, but a simple one.

In the past, Jeff needed a new tree line and Heinen was on the job to get it done. So when Jeff decided to upgrade some of his landscaping, he knew exactly who to call. Jeff shared his ideas with Heinen owner Dave who turned his dreams into practical designs. Your wish is Heinen’s command – from Jeff’s vision the Heinen team set to work with rough sketches and transformed his outdoor ambitions into achievable options.

Now with a flawless patio upgrade, an updated drainage system, and a new look to the front of the house, Jeff couldn’t be more pleased. “They really did a great job!” But what sets Heinen apart from other companies in his mind is not just their reliability and beautiful handiwork but the presence and intentionality they bring to each and every project. “Dave’s there … he’s not just gonna send out some crew to do it like many other companies” Jeff recognized. “They take the time to do it right.”

Jeff has trusted Heinen for several years with various lawn and maintenance so it was an absolute delight for the company to bring to life more of his landscaping visions.  Looking for a reliable trusted landscaping company? Heinen covers everything from regular lawn maintenance to major landscaping overhauls. If you have a Heinen landscape project that you’d like to share, please let us know! For further information on Heinen services or to receive an obligation-free quote, please contact Heinen today!

Finding a great landscape and irrigation company that you can trust can be a difficult task – especially if you’ve had trouble with other companies before. We recently had the chance to speak with one of our regular customers who made the switch to Heinen Landscape & Irrigation a few years ago about their experience

Jim H. first discovered Heinen when he moved into his Fairway home and noticed a few Heinen trucks at his neighbor’s house. “We originally had been using a different landscaping company at the time, and I just wasn’t very happy with them,” said Jim. “So, we decided to give Heinen a call, and we’ve been using them ever since.”

When asked what made Heinen better to work with over other landscaping companies, Jim replied, “One thing that really stood out to me is that we had a big water leak where our sprinkler system is in our front yard,” said Jim. “I called Heinen, they came out and responded very quickly, I was really impressed with their responsiveness.”

Jim added, “Anytime I have any concerns or questions about my yard, they come right out to address it, and I appreciate that.”

So, what’s next for Jim’s lawn and landscaping? Now that Heinen has repaired Jim’s sprinkler system, the now focus is on revitalizing the soil and bringing his landscape back to life. “Heinen has been working with the soil and grass in my yard. I’m just wanting to get it all in good shape again,” said Jim.

If you’re looking for a new company for your landscaping and irrigation needs, Heinen Landscape specializes in irrigation, outdoor lighting, landscape design + build and drainage. With over 30 years of experience in Kansas City. Click here for more information or call Debbie at 913-432-5011.

Heinen customer Barb T. switched from a basic lawn mowing service to Heinen Landscape over fifteen years ago – and now she relies on Dave and the team for all her outdoor needs. “They’ve touched almost every part of our lawn and we get compliments all the time from people just walking by our home!” Barb said recently. Over the years, Heinen has helped Barb with dozens of projects – everything from mowing, fertilizing, and weeding to landscaping, irrigation, and fence installation!

When asked how she decided on Heinen for her lawn care and landscaping needs, Barb said, “They started by just redoing our front flower bed and they did such a good job, it’s just grown from there!”

Barb loves that she can take her outdoor living problems to Heinen and trusts that they’ll come up with a solution that fits her needs. Earlier this year Barb was having some drainage issues on the side of her yard and Heinen came up with a quick solution to keep her yard from flooding. The team also recently installed some bushes by her driveway to hide trash cans from view. “They’re always coming up with great ideas and I am constantly recommending Heinen to my friends,” said Barb.

One of Barb’s favorite things about Heinen is, “They always try to use plants that are natural and indigenous to the area so you’re not struggling with a high-maintenance plant that’s just going to die during the winter. It’s so much easier to care for and makes maintenance better and easier.”

When asked about future plans for her yard, Barb said she had a couple flower beds she wanted to revamp and freshen up a little. She has Heinen out for yard maintenance regularly and she loves that they always make things right. According to Barb, “They’re all so nice and easy to work with. It’s such a wonderful feeling to come home and see how great they did with the yard. There’s definitely a sense of pride in their work.”

If you have a Heinen landscape project that you’d like to share with, please let us know. If you would like to receive information on Heinen services or receive a no obligation quote, please contact us here – or, just call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll schedule a visit from one of Heinen’s Landscape pros.

“They Transformed Our Property into a Magical Garden.”

tammy garden

We had a chance to sit down with Heinen customer Tammy W. of Prairie Village to discuss her Heinen experience. With Heinen’s help, Tammy was able to transform her backyard from what seemed like a jungle into a garden paradise. Here’s what she had to say.

How did you first find out about Heinen?

Dave Heinen has worked with my father for years. Dave is also a client of my husband, who is a financial planner. My husband has tremendous respect for Dave, and I’ve gotten to know him over the years – I adore him!

How long have you been a Heinen customer?

A few years

t23In your opinion, what makes Heinen stand out from other landscape and irrigation companies in Kansas City?

Everything is done with excellence and a fine tooth comb. They leave nothing undone, and they usually do even more than we asked. They are a first class operation – one of KC’s finest landscape outfits. They transformed our property into a magical garden in the back yard and we are so pleased. It’s my sanctuary – I can go back there and disappear. Before it looked terrible – they came in and overhauled it. It is truly magical.

What has your experience with Dave Heinen been like?

Dave is a family guy, and he makes it a point to ask about our children as well. He is the loveliest human being to deal with and such a dear friend. He’d go to the ends of earth for anyone. He personally has done so much on my property – the personal attention is phenomenal. That’s the difference between a successful company and everybody else. I can’t say enough good things about him.

What has your experience been with the Heinen team?

Every single person that works for Dave is delightful. The rapport and integrity they have for Heinen and what they’re trying to uphold is amazing. They are accommodating and will bend over backward for you! I would trust my house key or garage door code to any of them. Dave has hired a family instead of regular employees. They put in 100% because they care.

What kind of work has Heinen completed for you?

They did all new landscaping in front and back, restructured and put in French drains and built up the foundation so that there is no wood rot. They are full service. If there’s an issue, they let you know before they start on it. They offer solutions when we don’t have the knowledge on a problem.

t5Have you recommended Heinen to anyone?

I’ve told lots of people about Heinen, and will continue to tell them about their excellent work.

Next up for Tammy? Heinen is installing a complete irrigation system to keep her yard and plants continuing to look great – regardless of the whims of Mother Nature!

If you have a Heinen landscape project that you’d like to share with, please let us know. If you would like to receive information on Heinen services or receive a no obligation quote, please contact us here – or, just call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll schedule a visit from one of Heinen’s Landscape pros.

“Their workers have always been exceptionally pleasant and accommodating.”

We recently had a chance to chat with one of Heinen Landscape’s great customers, Fairway resident, Dick S., and hear about his experiences using Heinen as his landscaping service provider. “We’ve been using them (Heinen) for about a year now,” explained Dick, “and we’ve been very pleased with the work they’ve done.”

Heinen Landscape Liriope 'Big BlueHeinen installed our sprinkler system. That was a big project, but they were quick and efficient in getting it done,” explained Dick. “Heinen has really improved the look of the landscaping by planting new shrubbery. We also have Heinen trim our hedges, and we’ve had several compliments on that,” said Dick.

“Heinen also does all our routine lawn maintenance,” said Dick, mentioning several aspects of the maintenance work Heinen does for his property including trimming, mulching, and fertilizing.

When asked if there are any other big projects planned, he said, “They’re scheduled to do lawn care throughout the summer for whatever’s needed – we just really appreciate the work they do for us.”

Dick said he’s had a pleasant experience working with Heinen, and that he has and will continue to recommend their services to others, including the people who compliment his trimmed hedges. He also had praises for the landscape workers at Heinen, wrapping up our conversation by saying, “Their workers have always been exceptionally pleasant and accommodating.”

Once winter passes and the weather turns a little nicer, Dick invited us to come on over and photograph his landscaping to show the work that Heinen has done once spring has officially sprung. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Dick, and we’ll see you for photos in the spring!

If you have a Heinen landscape project that you’d like to share with, please let us know. If you would like to receive information on Heinen services or receive a no obligation quote, please contact us here – or, just call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll schedule a visit from one of Heinen’s Landscape pros.

Knowing his crews will come treat and cut my lawn once a week is really great!”

With so many landscaping companies to choose from, finding a reliable and qualified landscaping service provider can be confusing and difficult if you don’t have any prior experience or referrals. Luckily, for Heinen customer Carrie E. her decision to hire Heinen was a simple and easy choice.

“When I first bought my house, I thought, ‘This is my responsibility now. I should be doing this,’” explained Carrie. She soon realized that she needed help getting her yard to look its best and would need to hire a landscaping company. “I had actually seen Heinen trucks driving around, but there were also a lot of other trucks in the area. I never knew who to call,” she said. With all the different companies to choose from, she wasn’t sure where to start or who would be a good fit.

One day Carrie was talking to one of her friends, Tonya, about needing to find a good landscape company to help with mowing and general lawn maintenance. As it turned out, her friend Tonya was Dave Heinen’s wife. “I had become good friends with her, and she suggested I set up an appointment with Dave. Since she was a good friend, I really trusted her opinion,” said Carrie. She decided to give it a shot. “I figured, what’s the harm? If it worked, it worked. If it didn’t, then at least we tried. Luckily, it has worked out.”

Five years later, Carrie is still a Heinen customer. She explained how she started off with Tim doing fertilizer and lawn treatments. Simple lawn treatments and mowing turned into major projects. “Tim helped redo my backyard in 2013,” explained Carrie. “It was a wild, untamed yard and didn’t even resemble a backyard, but he transformed it into a nice lawn.”

Another large project Heinen completed for Carrie last June was to help with water drainage. “That was a big project, but they were great! It only took about three days to do the grating, digging and to complete,” she exclaimed.

Carrie has been extremely happy with her experiences as a Heinen client. “Knowing his crews will come treat and cut my lawn once a week is really great,” she said, “I’m very happy with what they have done and will continue to use them for leaf clean up and mowing.”

She also had high praises for the company itself, “I love the company, and Dave as a person. He’s a very ethical business person, and his crews are nice and great to work with. Dave really cares about his crews and from what I’ve seen, there’s been a very low turnover in workers. So right there shows how great of a company Dave has to work for.”

If you have a Heinen landscape project that you’d like to share with, please let us know. If you would like to receive information on Heinen services or receive a no obligation quote, please contact us here – or, just call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll schedule a visit from one of Heinen’s Landscape pros.

“I have been getting lots of compliments on my yard since Heinen has started!”

After having difficulties and bad experiences with previous landscape companies, Mrs. Williams finally decided to switch to Heinen and she has now been with them for almost a year. She had chosen Heinen after seeing many of their trucks in the area and because “all of the yards that Heinen does always look so pretty!” Mrs. Williams also knew that Heinen does great work for the Mission Hills Park Board.

In the past year, Heinen has started doing a variety of work for her, such as mowing, pruning, lawn applications, and clean ups, and most recently, planted some annuals. Mrs. Williams says that “I have been getting lots of compliments on my yard since Heinen has started!”

When asked about Heinen’s landscaping professionals, Mrs. Williams said “they are always very careful and thorough. They also do a great job cleaning up after themselves. Debbie is awesome and if there is ever an issue I call her and there is always a wonderful response time.”

If you have a Heinen landscape project that you’d like to share with, please let us know. If you would like to receive information on Heinen services or receive a no obligation quote, please contact us here – or, just call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll schedule a visit from one of Heinen’s Landscape pros.

Landscaping Companies KCConversation with Heinen Customer Bill P. – Mission Hills Modern Homeowner

We recently had a chance to talk with one of Heinen Landscape’s great customers, Mission Hills resident, Bill P. about his experience with Heinen Landscape.

“When we first built this house a couple of years ago, we knew we needed to find a professional landscaping company and one of our neighbors recommended Heinen,” said Bill. He also knew that Heinen handles the lawn care, maintenance and landscaping for the city of Mission Hills and loved what he saw.

“I’ve had a number of landscaping companies in previous homes, and Heinen has far exceeded any other company I’ve ever worked with,” said Bill.

Heinen has done more than just landscaping for Bill, the turf pros at Heinen also take care of the maintenance. That includes pulling weeds, laying fertilizer and pesticides, and Heinen even installed an irrigation system to keep Bill’s lawn at its greenest and adjacent shrubs, plants, and trees hydrated during the dog days of Kansas City’s often dry summers.

“I typically work with Tim or Blake, and my experience with them has been excellent,” said Bill. “What I KC Irrigation really like about them is I don’t have to call them to ask them to do things, they notice problem areas in my yard and solve them without me having to be involved.”

Bill and his family travel quite a bit, and Heinen Landscape and Irrigation provide care for Bill’s property even when he’s out of town. “I would recommend Heinen to anyone,” said Bill, “they’ve done a fantastic job for me!”

If you have a Heinen landscape project that you’d like to share with, please let us know. If you would like to receive information on Heinen services or receive a no obligation quote, please contact us here – or, just call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll schedule a visit from one of Heinen’s Landscape pros.

If at First You Don’t Succeed – Call Heinen!

Last year, Heinen Landscape customer, Judy Lee, had been doing her landscape and yard work herself. Like a lot of people, Judy realized that keeping up with her home’s landscape and yard work became more than she wanted to handle – and free time for most people these days is at a premium.

Judy decided to hire a landscaping company. According to Judy, “The first landscape company was inconsistent, untimely and unprofessional.” Fed up from all the miscommunication and still having a yard of unfinished landscaping, Judy spoke to a neighbor about her situation. The neighbor told her about a couple around the corner that was always satisfied with their yard and landscaping company. That company just so happened to be Heinen and Judy decided to give Heinen a call.

After the call to Heinen, Judy said someone came out to see her right away. “They came out within a day or two, reviewed my yard with me, and I told them what I wanted to have done”, Judy recalls. “We sat down and went over options and estimates together and did some comparing.”

After collaborating on ideas and planning together, Judy decided to go ahead and give Heinen a try. She admits she was a little hesitant, “I had lost confidence in landscape companies after my previous experience.”

Fortunately for Judy, this situation was different. “When Heinen came out they did an excellent job,” Judy said. She adds that they completed the project in a much faster timeframe than other companies had estimated for similar work. “The Heinen guys were pleasant, professional and on always on time. They took the time to explain to me how and when my yard would progress and evolve.”

Judy said Heinen met and exceeded the goals she had for her yard – and did it in a timely fashion. She also said her confidence in professional landscaping quickly returned after working with Heinen. “Everything Heinen has done for me has been absolutely perfect and beautiful,” Judy said. Judy also now uses other Heinen services such as mowing and other basic treatments for her yard on an ongoing basis.

And, just recently, Judy had been looking for red mulch to add a finishing touch to her newly landscaped yard. “I was very pleased with the red mulch Heinen found for me – they searched everywhere for the perfect mulch and found just what I wanted.”

Thanks to Judy’s positive experiences with Heinen, she has recommended Heinen to her friends, family – and even clients from her day-care business. “Heinen did a great job for me,” said Judy, “and I’m glad to pass along my positive experience with them to others!”

If you have a Heinen landscape project that you’d like to share with, please let us know. If you would like to receive information on Heinen services or receive a no obligation quote, please contact us here – or, just call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll schedule a visit from one of Heinen’s Landscape pros.

“Heinen is a one stop shop!”

Best Landscape Company KCWe recently had a chance to speak with one of our long-time customers, David V., about his experience with Heinen Landscape at his Mission Hills home.

“I first noticed the Heinen trucks while driving through my neighborhood. I saw that they do the landscaping for the city of Mission Hills and I really liked how it looked,” David said. “I decided to give Heinen a call and I’ve been a very happy customer ever since!”

David has now been a Heinen customer for 10 years, and Heinen has done it all for him! “My relationship with Heinen first started out as mowing. Over the years the relationship has definitely grown,” said David. Heinen Landscape has installed an irrigation system, maintains his landscaping, handles snow removal in the winter, cleans the gutters and any other odds and ends that come up. “Heinen is a one stop shop!,” said David.

What David really loves is the convenience that comes with Heinen Landscape. “I communicate directly with Blake – he comes out at a moment’s notice,” said David. “He’s very hands-on and he makes sure that each project comes out exactly the way I want it.”

If you have a Heinen landscape project that you’d like to share with us, please let us know. If you would like to receive information on Heinen services or receive a no obligation quote, please contact us here – or, just call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll schedule a visit from one of Heinen’s Landscape pros.

Steve T. from Overland Park had always done his own yard work but, as a professional himself (Steve is an architect), he decided it was time to hire another professional who really knew landscape and had solid expertise with plants. He chose Heinen Landscape because had gotten to know owner Dave Heinen and noticed Heinen Landscape’s vehicles and signs in the neighborhood – and the well landscaped and manicured properties the trucks and signs were associated with. Steve thought Heinen might be a good fit for his own property so he made a call.

Heinen’s landscape pros not only spruced up Steve’s landscaping and flower beds, but were also able to help with longstanding drainage issues on the side of his house. Steve said, “Heinen, took over a hodge-podge of stuff – working with some existing plants and incorporated a number of new plants that they really made work nicely together.”

When asked how his experience was with the Heinen team. Steve commented, “They did a phenomenal job and the level of professionalism they executed the work with seemed exceptional. They were really a skilled team.”

On a final note, Steve noted that, “Heinen exceeded our expectations. If your family is contemplating hiring a landscape professional, my wife and I would highly recommend giving Heinen Landscape a call.”

If you have a Heinen landscape project that you’d like to share with, please let us know. If you would like to receive information on Heinen services or receive a no obligation quote, please contact us here – or, just call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll schedule a visit from one of Heinen’s Landscape pros.

Planning the perfect landscaping project takes a lot of forethought, consideration and attention to detail. The crew at Heinen apply that same level of attention to detail when developing a relationship with their customers. A Kansas City area customer, Alex E, recently shared his experience when Heinen transformed his run-of-the-mill, Midwestern backyard into what is jokingly referred to as their own “mini Versailles of the Midwest.”

It was Heinen’s keen listening to truly understand a customer’s vision and the ability to execute and bring the customer’s vision to life that won over Alex, when searching for a landscaping company to tackle his project.  “We talked to three different companies, all of whom were recommended by friends,” he explained. “We just didn’t feel a fit, except with Heinen, because they were the only ones who really felt like they were listening to what we were asking for, instead of just trying to sell us something.”

Tim, the Heinen landscape designer on the project, made multiple trips to the home during the preliminary planning process with various plans, proposals and drawings. “Tim would always come out if we had a concern,” recounted Alex, and ultimately in the end, they went ahead with all of Tim’s recommendations.

The primary goal for this project was to minimize the amount of lawn and maximize the landscaping by adding a bit of color to create a pleasant area to sit outside. Alex wasn’t interested in having a patio or deck due to the maintenance involved, so he had Heinen install a crushed granite circle in lieu of grass and put a fire pit and large Adirondack chairs on the crushed granite.

In addition to the crushed granite, Heinen also built a brand new 3-4 foot retaining wall that spans the entire backyard and helped keep the neighbor’s lawn from collapsing into Alex’s yard. They also updated an existing inground irrigation system that was primarily designed to water the grass. “It didn’t really hit the landscaped area, so they (Heinen) ended up installing several more sprinkler heads and branches from the existing irrigation system. They did all that, and it was painless,” said Alex.

Heinen also completely landscaped the backyard, installing 13 azaleas, 17 green velvet boxwoods that line the front sidewalk all the way to the front door as well as some in the back, a Vanderwolf pine (similar to the tree in the Kauffman Garden), 8 spruce trees that line the new retaining wall, and numerous evergreen trees.

With a project of this size, it’s only natural to want to share your experience with others, and when asked if he’d recommend Heinen he exclaimed, “Oh absolutely! In fact, we did recommend them to some friends over in Mission Woods that were talking about having something done. We said, ‘You really need to talk to these people’, and they laughed and said, ‘We already use them’.”


In fact, he couldn’t say enough about the level of customer service, the finished product, and the overall experience working with Heinen. “Frankly, we couldn’t be happier with the results,” Alex gushed. He went on to explain how the whole Heinen team went above and beyond to satisfy his expectations. “Dave Heinen was out here a couple times personally checking on the quality of the work. In short, they’re just good people to do business with, and we like supporting a local company.”

If you would like to hear more about what Heinen do to help you achieve the landscaped yard of your dreams, contact Heinen today!

Do you have a Heinen story and photos to share? Contact us to have your property featured on the Heinen website.

This stunning Hanover Heights backyard-living makeover includes a beautiful new manufactured-stone paver patio and much more!

The Mikel family knew they wanted to remove a worn outdoor deck and had a vision in mind for an expanded backyard living area but were a little unsure where to start. They started the process with a planning meeting with Tim, one of Heinen’s hardscape experts and a single photo depicting the kind of look they were going for. According to Megan Mikel, “Tim essentially took a look at the picture of what we wanted and almost absolutely replicated it 100% – which was pretty amazing! We talked about poured concrete vs pavers and made some design choices and, like that, the project was in motion. We didn’t even need a rendering or anything like. We were totally in synch!”

The project was fairly significant and required a fair amount of demolition before any construction could begin. Heinen’s removed an existing deck and old sidewalk paths that led to the garage and to the fence gate. To prepare for the paver base, Heinen also removed took all of the existing turf to get to the soil and ensure a level base surface.

For the new outdoor living surface – which would be the centerpiece of the makeover – Tim provided the Mikel’s a variety of options. According to Megan, “We talked about how we could reduce the cost some, and we talked about the pros and cons of lumber vs manufactured stone. Then Tim gave us two more manufactured stone options from Unilock and that settled it.  We just really liked the way the product looked and the long-term durability was nice.”

Heinen offers Unilock not only because of the company’s fifty years experience in the business, but also because of the weather durability of manufactured stone – and, the installed look is quite dramatic!

Aside from begin visually appealing, the Mikel’s wanted to create a space that could be enjoyed by all of their friends. Said Megan, “I’m most excited about being able to gather around with friends without having a ton of bugs or things like that – the large coverage area is beautiful and really functional.” Megan added, “I have really bad allergies – as does my dog – and it’s going to be great not having to deal with grass pollen this summer.” Speaking of 4-legged friends, Heinen even included an area in the renovation for the dogs to use when nature calls!

The Mikel’s appreciated the attention to detail, friendly service and promptness of the Heinen crew. “They were really nice. I made them coffee in the morning, Jose and the guys were so kind and every day they were here at 8:00, on the dot – so reliable,” noted Megan. The Mikel’s also report that they’re extremely happy with the finished product – and already have plans for future projects!

Are you ready to freshen up your outdoor living space! If so, Heinen’s landscape designers have the knowledge and the know-how to design the perfect landscape plan for your particular property – and the professional installation expertise that assures customers the investment in their backyard living area will both look amazing – and last for years to come.

For over 30 years, the hardscape and landscape pros at Heinen have been helping homeowners turn their backyard living dreams into reality. Let Heinen help bring your outdoor living plan to life too with a custom-built backyard living space like no other. Call Debbie at Heinen at 913-432-5011 to schedule a no-obligation consultation or complete the form here and we’ll get right back to you!

A Historic Brookside Home Gets an Outdoor Upgrade

The owner of this beautiful Brookside home, Lee Ann, was looking to improve her home’s landscaping and the hardscaping. The house was built in the 1920s and it had been some time since any upgrades had been made to the backyard and other outdoor living areas. She felt it was time for some changes that would her own version of the great outdoors more welcoming and comfortable!

First Up – Correcting Property Drainage Issues

The Heinen team hard at work regrading the backyard to prevent future drainage issues.

The first major issue Lee Ann wanted to address was property flooding that occurred each time there was a heavy rain. Excess rainwater was pooling in her backyard causing damage to her lawn and, water was also draining toward her home’s foundation – threatening the structural integrity of her house. Because of the magnitude of the drainage issue, Lee Ann spoke to several different landscape companies to get their take on what could be done to fix the issue. But, after speaking with the Heinen team, she knew they were the right for the job:

“We had landscape bids from other businesses, but they never would say how they were going to solve the drainage issues. There was never a real plan. When I spoke with Heinen, they immediately had a plan for my stormwater drainage problem. They knew exactly what they needed to do.”

The Heinen team regraded Lee Ann’s backyard to divert water away from the rear foundation; the stormwater egress was now split and funneled around the home – and, depending on the part of the yard the rainwater came from, it was either channeled toward the driveway on the west side of the house or the walkway on the home’s east side. With stormwater now rerouted, Heinen set to work creating a great new outdoor living space for Lee Ann to enjoy.

Removing an old brick walkway.

The Details Always Matter

To start with, Heinen replaced the wood fence along the south and east side of the property with a brand new one. Lee Ann said was impressed with the workmanship and delighted Heine was able to include this project as she wouldn’t need to contact a separate fencing company and add another work crew.

Next came the fun part – upgrading the hardscape elements. Heinen removed a walkway that ran along the front and east side of the home, as well as two old patios. Keeping effective rainwater drainage in mind, the Heinen team created a new patio terrace made with natural stone pavers along with steps leading to a lower patio made with materials similar to the upper patio. A new retaining wall was also installed along with replacing the former brick walkway with contemporary earth-tone pavers – all appropriately graded so rainwater water would continue to funnel away from the homeowner’s property downhill to the street – and abundant storm drains.

The newly installed stone paver walkway.

After the patios and walkway were complete, Heinen added new landscaping along the fence line featuring new garden beds with a variety of shrubs and other plantings. Shrubs were planted on the front side of the home as well to compliment and add some dimension to the new paver walkway. In the end, a time-worn outdoor living space was completely transformed into a clean and relaxing new outdoor living space that Lee Ann could now fully enjoy.

A new walkway along the east and front sides of the home.

What Matters Most: A Satisfied Homeowner

Here’s what Lee Ann had to say about working with the Heinen landscape and hardscape professionals:

“Their ability to take on so many different types of projects is great. It is awesome to have everything completed all at once with one team. They always had solutions and they never left it up to us to figure out what to do. We worked together to solve any issue that came up. It was such a good experience – I would recommend Heinen to everyone.”

The outdoor living professionals at Heinen are experts at landscaping, hardscaping, lighting, irrigation, and more! No matter what you have in mind for your outdoor space, Heinen is here to help!

Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape today at (913) 432-5011 for a no-obligation consultation!

Every Detail Matters in Mission Hills Makeover

New Patio, Planter, and Seat-Wall

At the intersection of form and function, dozens of small decisions are made in almost every landscape design & build project that, when considered alone, seem to have little significance. However, as a project progresses toward completion, the combined effect of each small decision can have a major impact on the whole. The little things – and the big things – absolutely matter when it comes to creating a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space. As one recently completed customer project clearly demonstrates: It’s all about the details!

This particular project began when long-time customers decided to completely renovate their backyard patio and outdoor living space at their Mission Hills home. The clients (Gregg, a local restaurateur, and his wife) wanted a multipurpose patio living area. The resulting project would need to be pet-friendly, provide the couple privacy and shade when dining al fresco together and, be able to expand to seat up to a dozen for larger dinner parties.

With the demolition of an older patio, preservation of multiple existing plantings, installation of new plantings, an all-new patio surface, seat-walls, built-in flower planters, and a custom lighting system, the design & build task was no easy feat – but the team at Heinen was excited about the possibilities!

Front Yard Privacy Berm and Plantings

Previous Installations – Functional Landscaping

During previous projects in the client’s front yard area, the Heinen team added privacy berms landscaped with Junipers, Hydrangeas, and other plantings. The berms and planting area featured stone borders and river-rock infill (for ease of maintenance).  The raised berms and plantings not only added privacy and security but also served as an effective noise barrier from a busy street near the front of the home.

In the backyard, the Heinen crew had previously installed a wrought-iron fence around the property’s perimeter, adding additional junipers for organic texture and backyard privacy. Function and beauty at the same time? Yes, please!

The Patio Plan – Expandable Dining

Techo-Bloc Patio and Dining Area

As a successful restaurateur of note who also enjoys hosting at home, the client provided well-informed input – which the team at Heinen valued immensely. After all, this client has restaurants that serve hundreds and hundreds of diners each day – this was a client with far more than a passing knowledge of what it takes to serve a great meal in a comfortable environment! The challenge would be to design and build an intimate space for the husband and wife – and also provide an expandability option to comfortably seat a dozen. Importantly, the couple wanted the made-over space to have an upgraded look and vibe that reflected their evolving taste.

The space would also need to be easily accessible and navigable by the couple’s three aging Labradoodles – along with not showing wear and tear on the patio from the pooches’ inevitable in/out traffic as they made their way from kitchen-to patio-to backyard and back, traversing the same route two or three times a day.

Once the patio designs were created, reviewed, and approved, the first order of business was the demolition of an existing travertine patio. Heinen’s hardworking hardscape experts then installed a crushed limestone rock base for stability and added a soil-separation fabric above the limestone to prevent weeds. The Heinen team also installed utility sleeves for lighting wiring and sprinkler piping under the new patio with enough spare room to allow for future upgrades or additions – without requiring demolition of the new patio.

Crafted from manufactured stone, the new Techo-bloc patio pavers imitated natural earth tones – which would also surreptitiously hide any paw prints left by certain furry family members. Another intentional benefit came with the installation of the individual Techo-bloc pavers thanks to the soft grout between the heavy and durable blocks vs. a concrete or other large, solid pad. Because of the built-in expansion/contraction properties of the grout and the use of weather-durable, crack-resistant, Techo-bloc pavers, the client would never need to worry about patio cracks.

Seat-Wall with Adjustable LED Lighting

Along the perimeter of the patio, the Heinen hardscape professionals created a seat-wall, providing a functional – yet natural-looking – feature that would easily expand casual patio seating. The intimate seat-wall acts as a link between the natural outdoor elements and the refined entertaining space.

Under the front edge of the seat-wall, Heinen nestled low-voltage LED lights controlled by a state-of-the-art FX Luminaire control system which can be set to a timer or controlled manually for perfect mood lighting.

Planters + Plantings = Function & Form

A custom Techo-bloc planter was constructed behind the seat wall and planted with hydrangeas and roses – creating a soft backdrop to the seat wall, separating the private seating and conversation area from the downward cascading elevation of the backyard.

The new patio table seats six and can be extended to seat up to 12; in addition, occasional chairs can be pulled from the adjacent conversation pit to comfortably seat a large group at the patio table.


Patio Steps – Egress with a Green Purpose

Intelligent Design Meets Function

Since the backyard has a bit of a downward slope, Heinen included several Techo-bloc patio steps extending from the patio into the grassy backyard. These stairs serve multiple purposes: they provide a paved access route to the yard, subtly directing foot traffic. Guests know where to enter the yard versus walking between shrubs or accidentally tromping flower beds. The naturally colored stairs would also prevent the clients’ dogs from carving a muddy footpath through the grass!

Japanese Maple Preserved in Patio Design

One challenge that arose during the redesign was the preservation of a stunning Japanese maple at one end of the patio. As the expanded dining area required an enlarged patio to accommodate the dining table, it appeared the maple would need to be removed. However, with creativity, angle adjustments, and custom-cut blocks, Heinen’s skilled craftsmen were able to design and build the new, larger patio – and preserve the beautiful tree!

“The Heinen team did fantastic work creating the perfect outdoor dining space for my wife and I. It’s comfortable and intimate enough for an evening dinner with just the two of us but has the flexibility to easily expand and seat our friends and family as well with the addition of the seat-wall. 

We also wanted to make sure this patio was accommodating for our dogs. We chose natural-toned Techo-Bloc slabs, which match the laid-back atmosphere we wanted while also hiding any paw prints our rambunctious dogs might leave behind after playing in the yard. 

After installing the patio slabs and seat-wall, we realized the point of egress between our patio and our yard was quickly going to become a muddy mess. The Heinen team used more Techo-Bloc slabs to create wide steps leading to the yard to prevent unsightly ruts from forming with all the dog traffic. We had an excellent time working with the Heinen crew and we recommend their expertise and services to everyone.”

From subtle lighting to perfectly selected plants, and precisely cut stones – every inch of the design and build for this project was done with intent. In the end, managing all of the large (and small) details added up to an amazing finished project!

If you’re considering renovating an outdoor living space, contact Heinen today  After all, it’s all about the details. And at Heinen Landscape, that’s what we pay attention to!

Client’s contemporary Westwood Hills home – view from curbside.

The Heinen Landscape took on this large-scale, full-backyard transformation for a Westwood couple – a longtime client who had engaged Heinen’s services at previous residences. The husband had recently retired from his career as a prominent ER doctor and his wife is an active sculpture artist. The couple had recently acquired an under-construction modern-design masterpiece when the previous owners transferred out of town. The Doctor and his wife completed the home to suit their own design tastes – and they had much to work with: namely, a stunning, four-story tall, contemporary home with multiple decks, balconies, and spectacular views.

The couple wanted to create an outdoor living space to complement the home and make the most of their backyard living space. The couple’s objective for this large-scale project was twofold: to have a place where they could easily entertain a large group of friends and family and, to have a more intimate space where the couple could enjoy their own version of the great outdoors space alone together during relaxing evenings at home.

A critical design objective for the Heinen design team was to create an elegant and modern outdoor space that would perfectly complement the couple’s one-of-a-kind contemporary home. An equally important objective was to design a space that worked equally well entertaining large groups – or small gatherings.

A Series of Terraces and a Fire Feature

Blueprints for future outdoor living space.

The client’s backyard was long, slightly narrow, with a significant slope downward toward the end of the property. Although the slope was certainly helpful in draining rainwater from the property, its steepness did present challenges in planning a navigable space for outdoor entertaining.

Gravel added to freshly excavated terrace pits – stamped down by machine to prevent shifting.

The Heinen team developed a plan featuring two-tiered terraces with pathways and stairways to connect the home to the upper and lower terraces. The slope would be maintained on either side of the terraces, but the yard space for the two terraces would need to be excavated and leveled for guest comfort. The upper terrace would be the larger of the two patios and would be geared toward hosting larger gatherings. The smaller, lower patio terrace was designed to be more of a cozy conversation pit – complete with a custom fire feature and a wrap-around seat-wall, which would prevent surrounding soil from falling into the sunken patio area and, with its smooth horizontal capstone crowning the entire wall perimeter, would conveniently offer more seating capacity near the patio’s fire feature – perfect for cooler fall evenings.

The Heinen hardscape team building the lower Techo-bloc patio terrace.

For the terraces, walkway, and stairway the Heinen hardscape team recommended utilizing Techo-Bloc manufactured stone slabs. These natural-looking manufactured stone slabs come in a wide variety of colors, tones, and textures, giving homeowners a wide variety of looks to choose from. Another advantage beyond the visual aesthetic of the block is its incredible durability. Whereas flagstone and concrete patios are prone to cracking and chipping over time, Techo-Bloc slabs are much stronger and virtually impervious to freezing weather conditions that may crack natural stone or concrete.

Before the Techo-bloc slabs were cut to size and installed, the Heinen team excavated and leveled sunken pits for the two-tiered patio installations. A gravel base was laid atop the soil and pressure compacted down to prevent shifting, followed by a layer of sand for final leveling, then lined with a weed barrier to prevent rogue plants from sprouting between the blocks.

Next, each Techo-Bloc slab was precisely cut to size with heavy-duty masonry saws and then laid to plan to create a visually interesting pattern – making frequent checks to make sure all blocks were level. Once all the slabs were laid, a layer of sand was spread onto the final patio surface and worked into precise channels between each block. Beyond adding a visual appeal similar to tile grout, the sand-packed channels also serve as expansion and contraction joints to deter cracking from seasonal temperature shifts.

Multi-Use Entertainment Spaces

Elegant Techo-Bloc upper patio terrace for large gatherings with steeping stone border walkway.

The larger upper terrace was designed with dinner parties and larger social gatherings in mind. That terrace includes space to expand a large dining table, comfortably seating at least 10 – or it can be broken down into smaller cafe-style seating for tables of 2-4 each. At the western edge of the upper terrace, Techo-Bloc steps guide guests down to the lower patio.

This lower patio terrace was designed to be a cozy, relaxing space with a built-in fire feature and expandable seating to comfortably fit two people or as many as a dozen. The textured sides of the manufactured stone Techo-Bloc bricks give the space a natural, rustic look also but also matched the project’s overall modern aesthetic with similar neutral tones and a smooth top seating surface.

Natural gas fire feature and steps down to the lower patio.

Heinen’s hardscape pros took this lower space to the next level by adding a built-in, natural gas fire feature. The beauty of the fire feature is its ease of use and how low maintenance it is. By connecting the fire feature to a natural gas line from the house the fire would be instantly ready to glow with a flick of the switch – and the homeowners would never have to worry about replacing empty propane tanks.

The controls for the fire feature are protected from the elements behind a recessed panel below the capstone ledge. For durability and longevity, the Heinen team utilized a stainless steel burner system built to last for years with very little maintenance required.

To seamlessly connect the various spaces, Heinen installed a wide Techo-Bloc stepping stone pathway. By avoiding solid pathways and using natural-looking manufactured stone slabs, the beauty of nature is incorporated into the hardscape elements while creating a walkway that is both visually appealing and highly functional. Also, in using individual stepping stones to connect the spaces in the backyard the contour of the slope could be more easily navigated than an inclined solid walkway or concrete path and, there is less chance of cracking as the ground settles over time.

Adding Natural Aesthetics with Landscaping

With the hardscape elements of the project completed, the Heinen team turned their attention to landscaping and irrigation. Before any planting began, the irrigation pros at Heinen installed a zoned, automated sprinkler system. The automatic underground system was properly zoned for adequate hydration whether irrigating turf areas, shrubs, bushes, trees, or other plantings. By designating individual watering zones for different plant types with different hydration needs, the homeowners will never have to worry about over or under-watering their new landscaping.

The tiered patios are surrounded by Catmint plants.

The Heinen team was quite deliberate in plant choices for the space – opting for low-maintenance yet unique greenery to complement the contemporary hardscaping. To outline the patios, and line the walkways Heinen’s planting experts chose Catmint. These plants are wonderful for accenting hardscapes because of their hearty texture, low profile, full ground coverage, and small, lavender-blue flowers.

Heinen’s landscapers also planted short, umbrella-like trees called Lollipop Crabapple and small firs to accent the fence line. The Lollipop Crabapple are well-loved for their natural round shape and dense, fragrant white blossoms that appear in spring. The Heinen team also laid a thick carpet of emerald green sod across the entire yard for a completed, well-groomed appearance.

The Secret to Evening Ambiance

To complete the amazing transformation, Heinen installed a choreographed array of outdoor lighting. Since one of the homeowner’s major goals for the space was for effortless entertaining, including an automated lighting system was essential. Internet-enabled smart automation allows for the space to transition smoothly from day to night.

All the outdoor lights are controlled through a single FX Luminaire lighting hub, installed out of sight of the entertainment area and providing the homeowners with easy-to-use full control. Lighting can be set on a timer or even set to adjust automatically based on daily and seasonal natural light changes. Another benefit is that the entire lighting system may be controlled from a simple to use phone application.

Pedestal lights reflect light and illuminate the Catmint ground-cover plants below.

No lighting detail was overlooked. Under the ledges of the seat-wall and along the steps to the lower patio, the team installed downward-pointing lights, for ambiance and safety. The pathways and perimeter of the larger patio were illuminated with reflector-topped pedestal lights placed along the row of Catmint ground coverage plants. When the lights turn on at dusk, they give the illusion that the flowering plants below are actually glowing.

Under the strategically placed Lollipop Crabapples, upward projecting lights were focused to illuminate their umbrella-like canopies. With the thicker foliage and shrubs, 45° up-lights were placed for a refined look that outlines the perimeter of the living space.


A fully transformed, modern entertaining outdoor space.

Homeowners Comments on the Project

When asked for feedback, the homeowner had nothing but praise for the Heinen team and how their work met and even exceeded their highest expectations:

“I had previously worked with Dave and the Heinen team on projects at previous residences, so I was aware of their expertise and professionalism, but their creativity and attention to detail blow me away every time. Dave understood our objectives for the space and gave us great landscape design solutions – like the tiered patios, that was all his idea. He created an incredible space that is perfect for hosting parties or relaxing in peace around the fire with my wife. The whole project couldn’t have come together any better.”

Check out the photos below for a closer look at the total transformation completed by the Heinen team!

Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape today at (913) 432-5011 to start planning your own outdoor space transformation!

Not Just Service. SOLUTIONS.

Our holistic approach to lawn and landscaping identifies and incorporates the many unique components that nourish, protect and encourage healthy plant growth. We deliver a cohesive landscape solution, custom tailored to your property – and your lifestyle.

With a Heinen-created landscape layout – and our expert installation – your environmental plantings, living areas, ornamental elements, outdoor lighting (and much, much more), work together to create a beautiful natural environment and an outdoor living space that your family, guests (and even pets!) will enjoy for many years to come.