Don’t let Acorns Destroy your Lawn

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Acorns suffocate grass –
Heinen has a solution
Fall is in the air, which means cool weather, beautiful leaves, and, unfortunately, acorns everywhere.

Those pesky acorns can wreak havoc on a well-manicured yard. Acorns are a primary food source for animals such as mice, deer, and rodents – many of which will also dig holes in your yard to bury the acorns. Besides attracting unwanted animals, acorns can create bald spots in your grass, make someone slip & fall, and even damage your lawn mower’s blade.

Heinen landscape professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in removing acorns to help keep your grass green and lawn pest free. Their secret weapon is a Billygoat Vacuum – which is powerful enough to suck up things such as acorns & leaves and leaves your yard smooth & grassy.

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