Don’t Let Spring Rains Ruin Your Property

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With Spring upon us, the days are getting longer and April is quickly approaching! We all know April showers bring May flowers, but being in the Midwest, April showers can quickly become torrential downpours.

With record rainfall predicted again this year, you can expect soil to crack and pull back from foundations. Heavy rain can also cause foundation seepage, standing lawn water, and flooded basements – all of which can be dangerous to both children and pets. Don’t wait until it’s too late, take preventative measures against excessive water drainage today.

At Heinen, we put an end to heavy rainfall damage! We’ve helped countless customers find peace of mind with excess rainwater solutions including lawn drains, soil grading and natural retaining walls.

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Don’t let rain ruin your lawn, Heinen has many solutions.

Our drainage experts at Heinen will develop a professional plan to meet the specific needs of your individual home. We thoroughly assess how the site will be used and pinpoint any potentially problematic areas. Understanding the site prior to designing your plan rewards you with savings during construction – and operation. Plus, the added comfort of knowing you’re protected is priceless!

You put a lot of dedication and effort, not to mention money, into creating your beautifully landscaped yard, so why not protect your investment from being washed away or damaging your home’s foundation?

Put an end to water damage at your home – Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape at (913) 432-5011 for your complimentary drainage evaluation! Let us develop a plan that protects your family and the value of your property for a lifetime!