Turn Rainfall Nightmares into Drainage Solutions

Has recent rain created major property drainage issues? Heinen can help!

Don’t risk permanent property damage!

With recent heavy rain in Kansas City, more and more homeowners are calling Heinen regarding property drainage issues. From pooling water drowning your lawn and plants, to leaky basement walls and floors, poor drainage and standing water can cause major problems and lead to expensive foundation repairs.

Heinen has helped hundred of families alleviate years of poor drainage problems and avoid even more serious property damage by designing and implementing dependable drainage systems that protect property for a lifetime. If you’ve had yard and property flooding issues caused by recent rain, call Heinen – we have 30+ years of experience in turning water nightmares into drainage solutions.

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Signs of Drainage Problems
Do you have any of the following? If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you may have drainage issues that can be fixed by Heinen Landscape.

Downspouts that dump
Each inch of rain that falls on 1,000 square feet of a roof produces more than 600 gallons of runoff—enough to fill 10 bathtubs to the brim. Dumping that much water too close to the foundation can send it right into the basement, where it can ruin furnishings, flooring (and all the stuff you swore you’d put on shelves one day!).

Water stains and seepage in the basement
Depending on where a stain shows up, you can tell if the problem is caused by surface water, which can be easy to deal with, or water traveling underground, a potentially bigger headache.

Cracks in the foundation
Foundations often have small cracks that appear as houses settle over time. Most are harmless, but bigger cracks bear watching. Keep an eagle eye on cracks larger than 1/8-inch wide by marking the ends with an erasable pencil line. Measure the width and jot it down. If you notice the cracks are growing, you’ve got potential problems.

Flaking and deposits on walls
If you see areas of white or gray crust on the basement walls, that’s efflorescence—mineral deposits left behind by evaporating water. Or the wall may be flaking off in big patches, a condition called “spalling.”

Mildew in the Attic
Sure, the attic might be a strange place to look for drainage problems, but mildew on the underside of the roof can be a tip-off to serious trouble at the ground level.

Migrating mulch
When soil doesn’t drain properly, rain runs off in sheets, carving gullies in the landscape, dumping silt on pathways, and carrying piles of mulch or wood chips where they don’t belong.

If you have any of the above issues

call Debbie at Heinen Landscape 913-432-5011.