This seat wall includes built-in lighting illuminating the space well into the evening – while also solving erosion issues.

Retaining walls can be a beautiful and multifunctional element of home hardscape design, enhancing your outdoor space while also solving frustrating drainage issues.

Ineffective drainage around your home can lead to an excess accumulation of rainwater on your property. When rainwater cannot easily exit your property, it can cause major problems including yard flooding, wet basements, and damage to landscape plantings. Left unchecked, poor drainage can create even more expensive headaches in the future.

If you’re ready to remedy the drainage issues around your home you’ll be glad to know there are more options available than ever before. In fact, you can solve your drainage issues and upgrade your outdoor living space at the same time. The Heinen Landscape team has corrected drainage problems for hundreds of homes around Kansas City, leaving homeowners with thriving landscapes and magazine-worthy outdoor living spaces.

The Heinen team used a seat wall to create a sunken conversation pit with a custom-built fire feature.

Creative Hardscape Design + Ending Drainage Woes

Retaining walls are one of the most popular methods Heinen landscape professionals use to redirect water and protect properties from flood and erosion damage. There are endless ways to incorporate retaining walls into hardscape design, including using them to create terraced patios and conversation pits.

With expertly-designed retaining walls, Heinen can create comfortable and beautiful outdoor seating areas for you and your family to enjoy throughout the seasons. Since retaining walls are constructed to hold back soil and redirect water, the pros can transform formerly sloped areas of your property into elevated or sunken patio spaces. By adding a flat cap, retaining walls become seat walls, providing additional flexible seating around your new entertainment space.

Techo-Bloc seat wall and fire feature.

This ultra-modern seat wall and fire feature combo was created using Techo-Bloc’s Graphix line.

Your patio space can be designed by the Heinen hardscape professionals to match any aesthetic or style, thanks to the wide selection of materials available from trusted manufacturers like Techo-Bloc and Unilock. Mix and match styles and colors to add visual interest or create a clean, uniform look by utilizing matching elements. You can extend the functionality of your entertainment space by including built-in lighting under the edge of a seat wall or adding a custom fire feature, outdoor fireplace, grilling station, or outdoor kitchen!

Take your outdoor living space to the next level with help from the landscape experts at Heinen. Whether you’re in need of a small garden retaining wall or a complex terraced landscape, Heinen Landscape has the expertise and resources to bring your outdoor vision to life. With a commitment to quality, creativity, and attention to detail, the team at Heinen is your top choice for all your landscape, drainage, and hardscape needs.

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