Two things matter in exterior lighting: High-quality lighting components and expert installation. With Heinen, Kansas City’s leading outdoor lighting company, you receive both!

When it comes to outdoor lighting the old adage, “you get what you pay for” rings true. There are dozens of cheap outdoor lights for sale in almost every big box store. They may look good for a while, but eventually, the combined effects of exposure to Kansas City weather, animals that enjoy chewing, and cheaply-made lighting components add up and lead to system failure.

If your desire is to make your home and landscaping really shine – and have it last for years – it might be time to consider a custom outdoor lighting system designed and installed by the lighting professionals at Heinen Landscape. Heinen’s lighting pros know how to highlight your home’s key architectural features and make your landscaping elements really pop thanks to FX Luminaire’s premium lighting products. And, for home safety and security, a well-planned lighting plan will assure pathways are well-lit for guests and dark spots where an intruder might hide are illuminated.

Benefits of Custom Exterior Lighting

As the days get shorter it may be getting dark sooner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your outdoor living spaces to their fullest. Lighting up your outdoor spaces extends their usability and allows you and your family to relax outdoors comfortably after the sun sets. What’s more, proper lighting makes your home safer, illuminating potential tripping hazards and deterring trespassers from approaching your home. From subtly lighting walking paths to creating a beautiful, and safe, ambiance around a pool or conversation pit, the possibilities are endless. And with professionals designing your lighting layout, your biggest investment – your home –will glow in all the right places providing the ultimate boost in nighttime curb appeal.

Why FX Luminaire?

Since its founding in 1989, FX Luminaire has been leading the exterior lighting market. Their extensive selection of LED lighting products make it possible to fully customize and light up your property. Whether you go classic or try something contemporary, FX Luminaire’s low-voltage lighting fixtures are energy efficient and simple to control, right from the palm of your hand with their handy mobile app. That includes making adjustments to your lighting schedule as the seasons change – and thanks to computerized smart bulbs, the color of your lighting can be altered at will if you’re feeling festive!

The flexibility of FX Luminaire’s up lights, path lights, wall lights, and down lights allow the lighting designers at Heinen to be as creative as you like in planning your lighting system. The possibilities are nearly endless. Forget stark, boring flood lights. Add elegance, rich depth, and texture while drawing the eye toward key architectural and landscape features you’d like to highlight.

It’s easy and seamless to match the style and aesthetic of your home and your lighting thanks to a wide variety of light fixtures. And, with a full range of lighting tones, from warm to cool, it’s easy to accentuate and properly illuminate architectural features, plantings, and trees with exactly the right light temperature.  Whether you know exactly the look you’re trying to achieve, or you could use some professional guidance, the Heinen lighting specialists are here to help!

Professional Design & Expert Installation

When you work with Heinen, the lighting team will collaborate with you to design the perfect lighting plan to best showcase your home’s features and key landscaping and hardscaping elements – including any sculptures or water features you want to highlight after dark! And, thanks to over 30 years of experience lighting up hundreds of homes throughout Kansas City, the Heinen team has substantial know-how in designing smart lighting systems, unique to each property, with professional installation that ensures durability for years and years to come!

Check out the full range of Heinen’s Outdoor Lighting Services or, if you’re ready to “light up the night” with your own Heinen-designed and installed outdoor lighting system, call Debbie at Heinen to schedule a no-obligation lighting consultation at 913-432-5011.