Fall Planting Pro Tip – Heinen’s Online Plant Catalog

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Each autumn in Kansas City Heinen landscape crews spend a fair amount of time planting thousands of bulbs municipilites businesses and even some homeowneers. Although nothing announces spring more vividly than gorgeous tulips in myriad shades proudly blooming up and down Kansas City’s finest streets and boulevards, fall is actually a great time to get started with many other planting projects that not only look great for a few weeks in the spring, but continue to provide satisfaction for many seasons – and often many years – to come!

During the fall season – a time when copper and gold leaves seem in a race to abandon their trees – the fresh blooms of spring and promise of new plant growth seems centuries away. But don’t let the cooler temps and autumns short days fool you, giving your landscape a little fall attention is the best way to assure healthy and robust plant growth in the spring!

The moderate temperatures of autumn are gentle on new plants, giving them time to put down roots before the bitter cold of winter sets in. Fall planting also avoids the risk of shock from the extreme heat of Kansas City summers.

Ready to take on your fall planting project, but not sure where to start? Heinen Landscape is here to help with our custom-made online tool developed to help with planning your fall plantings! It’s the Heinen Plant Catalog.

If you’re not familiar with Heinen Landscape’s Online Plant Catalog, it might be time to take a look. Not only does the catalog feature plant species that grow best in the Kansas City climate, it’s also easy to use. You can sort and group the featured plants by category – including annuals & perennials; shade & sun; deciduous & evergreens; as well as trees, shrubs and many more!

Select a category (or two, or three) and the Heinen Online Plant Catalog automatically pulls up photos and descriptions of each plant that meets the criteria of each category you select. Best of all, any plants selected can be ordered (and even planted), by Heinen Landscape!

Fall is a great time for planting the seeds, bulbs, saplings and shrubs that manifest themselves as strong and heathy plants, and even more beauty to sunny spring days – at a place that’s like no where else in the world: your home!

Whether looking for ideas to spark your spring landscape thinking or you’re ready to get a head start by planting this fall, be sure to visit our website – and the Heinen Online Plant Catalog – to try out this great and easy to use tool. Need a little extra help bringing your spring landscape vision to life? Book an appointment with one of Heinen’s landscape Pros today and get a head start on spring – and take full advantage of Kansas City’s beautiful fall growing weather. Just give Debbie a call at 913-432-5011.