Free Access to Heinen’s Mobile Plant Sorter

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Heinen has created a new tool just for you – the new Heinen Online Plant Catalog! The Online Plant Catalog gives Heinen customers an easy way to reference and compare a variety of plants that are well-suited to the Kansas City climate. Plus – it’s portable, viewable from most any computer or mobile device – so it’s always right at your fingertips.

It’s planting season and we know it can be a bit overwhelming to try and visualize your dream landscape with hundreds of plants, trees and shrubs to choose from. And, if your dream landscape is a team effort, sometimes trying to communicate your visual ideas with a spouse or friend can be a little like playing charades in the dark – or maybe even more difficult! For all of those reasons, Heinen created the Online Plant Catalog.

Click here to sign up for complimentary access to the Heinen Online Plant Catalog!

Screenshot from Heinen Online Plant Catalog

The Plant Catalog is a great way to browse dozens of planting possibilities and narrow down your favorites. You’ll find a wide variety of plant categories to choose from including:

  • Sun vs. Shade
  • Shrubs, Grasses, Ornamental
  • Deciduous, Evergreen
  • And much, much, more!

Spend some time with the plant catalog, and if you have any questions, give Heinen a call. One of our landscaping experts will be glad to answer any questions – or help you begin work on your dream landscape!

Also, be sure to download our free “Guide to Kansas City Landscaping” – also on the website. This complimentary booklet is an excellent tool to design and build your ultimate outdoor oasis!

Happy planting!