Take some work off Dad’s hands this Father’s Day and help him achieve his glorious lawn goals this summer with a professionally installed irrigation system from Heinen Landscape – complete with a Rachio WiFi enabled control system!

This Father’s Day, Heinen is celebrating bigger than ever. When you purchase a new irrigation system installation for Dad before June 30, 2019, he’ll receive a FREE Rachio WiFi Sprinkler Control system! You read that right: A FREE Rachio WiFi Sprinkler Control System with the purchase of a new irrigation system.

With a Rachio WiFi Sprinkler Controller, Heinen can customize Dad’s watering schedule based on the specific details of the yard – including vegetation type, sun exposure, slope and more. Then, Rachio will balance the unique details of Dad’s yard with the ever-changing weather data to determine exactly how much water his yard needs. The best part? Dad can monitor everything from his smartphone!

Summertime means family vacations! As fun as vacations are, leaving the home unattended can be stressful for all Dads. Luckily, with a Rachio WiFi Sprinkler Controller and Heinen on Dad’s side, he’s sure to have a stress-free vacation! The irrigation professionals at Heinen can adjust Dad’s Rachio WiFI Sprinkler Controller right from the office. With unexpected changes in weather patterns the experts at Heinen can increase or decrease Dad’s watering schedule instantly – saving Dad time, water and money.

Heinen LandscapeDoes Dad already have an irrigation system installed? Heinen can also retrofit Dad’s existing system with a Rachio WiFi Sprinkler Controller! New system or retrofit system, a Rachio WiFi Sprinkler Controller from Heinen is the Father’s Day present that will give Dad a lasting gift for years to come – less stress and more free time!

Ready to get Dad the Father’s Day gift of a lifetime? Give Debbie at Heinen a call at (913) 432-5011 and ask for one of Heinen’s Irrigation Specialists to stop by for a no obligation quote to install a new irrigation system (with a free Rachio Controller) or discuss an upgrade to your home’s existing irrigation system with a Rachio WiFi Sprinkler Controller. Call today, this Father’s Day deal ends June 30, 2019!