Your Best Guide to KC Spring Landscape Planning – Free!

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The new growing season will “spring” upon you before you know it – so why not get a head start on your spring landscaping plans by downloading Heinen Landscape’s Free Kansas City Landscape Guide! The most important part of your new landscape plan? Often, it’s just a matter of shaking off the cold winter weather and just getting started. Download Heinen’s step-by-step guide to start creating your own dream landscape. In the meantime, here are a few useful tips you’ll find in the free Landscape Guide:

What do you want your focal point to be?

Every great landscape design has one or more specific focal points. It may be an exotic plant, a water fountain, or even a beautiful tree. By having a focal point, your new landscape will have a sense of purpose and will draw in one’s attention and eye. Without a focal point, landscaping can feel hodge-podge and empty. Focal point = focus.

Consider Hardscaping

Hardscaping, simply put, is any design element that isn’t a plant. It may be a patio, deck, retaining wall, or outdoor fireplace. And unlike plants, with basic maintenance you’re not nearly as limited by environmental factors when choosing hardscaping materials.

Pick your Plants – with Heinen’s KC Plant Catalog

Decide on the theme of your landscape an extra- easy for you by creating our free online Kansas City Plant Catalog! Here you can sort through a wide variety of flowers, trees, shrubs and more – all proven to thrive in Kansas City’s climate!

Draw your plan on paper!

Putting your pen or pencil to paper and sketching out your ideas will give you a better vision of how everything fits together. When doing this, make notes of sunny and shady areas and spots where water may pool. Don’t worry about being precise, this is the brainstorming stage, have fun and dream big!

And lastly, call Heinen!

Have a vision for your dream landscape but need help making it a reality? Heinen has been KC’s go-to landscape experts for over 30 years. When you work with Heinen, know the result will be a professional landscape plan, well-executed with the same creativity and care we’ve brought to hundreds of satisfied customers in Kansas City.

Ready to get growing? Click here to download Heinen’s free Guide to KC Landscape, your step-by-step guide designed to make your outdoor living dreams a reality. And if you’d like a home landscape consultation, beat the spring rush and call Debbie at Heinen at 913-432-5011. She’ll schedule a complementary visit from one Heinen’s landscape professionals today.