Ready to complete your next landscape project this spring? Look no further than House of Rocks! Kansas City’s leading supplier of natural stone, House of Rocks has been supplying the Heinen team with high-quality stone for 25 years. From natural stone veneer to boulders, flagstone and decorative gravel – House of Rocks is here to help make your landscaping dreams a reality with their endless stone options.

Not sure where to begin? Heinen Landscape recently spoke with House of Rocks Sales Operations Manager, Adam Burkiewicz, to discover the current top selling products in the stone industry.

Natural Stone Veneer

Used for centuries for its durability, strength and elegant beauty, natural stone veneer is the most popular facing choice for outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and even home exteriors. Available in both Full-Depth or Thin Veneer, House of Rocks has one of the largest color selections of natural stone veneer in Kansas City. According to Adam, House of Rocks is the “only stone supplier who chops and saws stone veneer on site, accommodating to whatever look you’re going for.” 

Most popular veneer choices: Dove Cut, James Creek and Burgundy Gray.


Thanks to its aesthetic appeal, low maintenance and durability, flagstone is one of the most popular stone products among homeowners. The unique shapes and color palette of flagstone provide the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind design – with flagstone, no two surface areas are the same! With a variety of uses ranging from backyard patio areas to meandering walking paths, flagstone is also excellent for shady areas of your property that are often wet, muddy or have other issues (like frequent pet traffic) that affect the area’s ability to sustain healthy grass growth.

Most popular flagstone choices: James Creek, Pecos Tan and Pennsylvania Bluestone.

Decorative Gravel

Decorative gravel is one especially convenient and affordable renovation for your yard – and can also serve as a maintenance-free replacement for mulch. According to Adam at House of Rocks, “We offer fifteen types of decorative gravels unique to the particular part of the country they come from.” Use decorative gravel for dry creek beds, as pathways, for moisture retention, to surround and protect ground-based plants from digging squirrels or to tastefully makeover entire areas of your lawn.

Most popular decorative gravel choices: Missouri Rainbow, Buffalo River Rock and Mexican Beach Pebbles.

“We’ve worked Adam and the great team at House of Rocks for 25 years now,” said Heinen Landscape owner Dave Heinen, “they’ve always carried a unique and wide variety of color and types of rock material making it possible to give Heinen customers just the right look for their specific landscape project.”

With the help of rockin’ partners like House of Rocks, the outdoor professionals at Heinen Landscape are ready to take you and your future landscape to the beautiful next level. Call Debbie at Heinen a call at (913) 432-5011 for a complimentary consultation!