At Heinen Landscape we have a history of implementing “Environmentally Friendly Personal Lawncare” protocols. This upcoming growing season we’ve added a new dimension to be more environmentally conscious. We are offering a new tier of lawncare services that reduce noise pollution and our carbon footprint. “Environmentally Friendly Personal Lawncare” (EFP for short), is a new, premium service for Heinen customers interested in a quieter, more environmentally friendly lawn maintenance service.

Said Heinen Landscape owner, Dave Heinen, “More and more today, customers are asking not only for ways to be gentler on the environment, they’re also expressing concern about excess noise in and around their neighborhoods. With EFP Lawncare, we’re able to provide a solution that helps with both issues.”

Features of EFP Lawncare include:

Electric Mowing – A Quieter, Cleaner Way to Mow

Heinen Landscape has invested in electric equipment that has many benefits. The “Green Machine” mower lowers noise pollution and Carbon Monoxide fumes. This battery-operated machine is powered by Lithium Energy Modules (LEMs), which allow the mower to operate all day on one charge. As the centerpiece of Heinen’s EFP Lawncare, The Green Machine provides a quieter mowing experience with no CO2 emissions. The professional grade electric mower used by Heinen (see photo) is so quiet that it can barely be heard from a distance of 30 feet.

Electric Beyond Mowing

In addition to electric mowing – and to keep the entire lawn maintenance process as environmentally friendly as possible – Heinen’s EFP Lawncare team also uses electric trimmers, electric clippers, and electric edgers for the balance of customers’ lawn care needs. From trimming shrubs and bushes, to edging sidewalks, flower beds and driveways, a quieter, CO2-less lawn maintenance is part of the EFP Lawncare experience.

Keep it Clean, Keep it Green

At the end of every day, the lawncare professionals at Heinen take special care to ensure that our mowers and maintenance tools are as clean as possible. This protects against the spread of any potential turf fungus or disease from one property to another. Heinen Landscape has developed a proprietary clean-treatment solution that is used on all of our equipment – ensuring customers their lawns are not at risk of contracting a fungus from other properties. Heinen Landscape takes pride in being environmentally conscious – and being mindful toward the health of your lawn.

Recycled Plant Material

Heinen Landscape reduces landfill waste – and the associated trash removal vehicle carbon footprint – by regularly recycling 97% of yard waste materials. Organic yard waste (such as grass trimmings, leaves, tree branches and other plant material), is recycled in an outdoor facility behind our offices through various environmentally sound processes depending on the specific material. Tree branches often become mulch, leaves and shrub trimmings become organic plant food. We also recycle concrete, asphalt, limbs and steel from job sites.

Availability of EFP Lawncare

Heinen Landscape’s EFP Lawncare is a premium service that we provide based on scheduling availability. For those interested, contact Debbie at 913-432-5011. We’re happy to help make your property become part of a quieter, cleaner planet!