Heinen Testimonial – Tammy W.

tammy garden

We had a chance to sit down with Heinen customer Tammy Williams of Prairie Village to discuss her Heinen experience. With Heinen’s help, Tammy was able to transform her backyard from what seemed like a jungle into a garden paradise. Here’s what she had to say.

How did you first find out about Heinen?

Dave Heinen has worked with my father for years. Dave is also a client of my husband, who is a financial planner. My husband has tremendous respect for Dave, and I’ve gotten to know him over the years – I adore him!

How long have you been a Heinen customer?

A few years

t23In your opinion, what makes Heinen stand out from other landscape and irrigation companies in Kansas City?

Everything is done with excellence and a fine tooth comb. They leave nothing undone, and they usually do even more than we asked. They are a first class operation – one of KC’s finest landscape outfits. They transformed our property into a magical garden in the back yard and we are so pleased. It’s my sanctuary – I can go back there and disappear. Before it looked terrible – they came in and overhauled it. It is truly magical.

What has your experience with Dave Heinen been like?

Dave is a family guy, and he makes it a point to ask about our children as well. He is the loveliest human being to deal with and such a dear friend. He’d go to the ends of earth for anyone. He personally has done so much on my property – the personal attention is phenomenal. That’s the difference between a successful company and everybody else. I can’t say enough good things about him.

What has your experience been with the Heinen team?

Every single person that works for Dave is delightful. The rapport and integrity they have for Heinen and what they’re trying to uphold is amazing. They are accommodating and will bend over backward for you! I would trust my house key or garage door code to any of them. Dave has hired a family instead of regular employees. They put in 100% because they care.

What kind of work has Heinen completed for you?

They did all new landscaping in front and back, restructured and put in French drains and built up the foundation so that there is no wood rot. They are full service. If there’s an issue, they let you know before they start on it. They offer solutions when we don’t have the knowledge on a problem.

t5Have you recommended Heinen to anyone?

I’ve told lots of people about Heinen, and will continue to tell them about their excellent work.

Next up for Tammy? Heinen is installing a complete irrigation system to keep her yard and plants continuing to look great – regardless of the whims of Mother Nature!

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