The Heinen Home of the Season award was created to recognize a Heinen customer who has had a significant landscape or hardscape project completed within the last 6 months where the finished project has absolutely exceeded the expectations of both the homeowner and the Heinen Landscape team.

Periodically, the landscape professionals at Heinen Landscape will select a project that meets this criterion. Once selected, the home owner will be notified and with their permission, Heinen Landscape will shoot professional photographs of the home and project. The home owner will also be presented with a framed photo of the project, as well as an engraved plaque recognizing their home and project as Heinen Home of the Season. Additional photos from the photographer, along with a description of the project may be featured right here on Heinen’s Home of the Season page and social media.

If you’re a Heinen customer and your property meets the criteria, give Debbie at Heinen a call and we’ll be sure to consider you as our next Home of the Season. Have you been dreaming of your next landscape/hardscape project? There’s no time like the present to contact Heinen and start planning to turn your dream into your reality. Who knows, maybe you could be the next Heinen Home of the Season!

When asked why Heinen stands out from other companies, Damaris said, “We love Heinen because they take care of everything from mowing and mulching, to sprinklers and of course our new landscaping. They care about how we feel about the work they do and make certain it is what we want.”
“We’re just very comfortable with Heinen,” Damaris continued. “I’ll be driving through the neighborhood with our four dogs in the car and pass a couple of Heinen trucks. The Heinen guys know all our dogs’ names and will wave and say hi to all of us as we pass by!”

The Heinen Landscape and Irrigation team couldn’t be prouder of their work for Gregg and Damaris. Said Heinen Landscape owner Dave Heinen, “The Johnson’s are great customers. They’re fun to work with and the guys really enjoy working on their property – in fact, they treat it like it’s their own. We’re proud to award Gregg and Damaris with Heinen’s first “Home of the Season” award!”

Take a look at the Johnson’s latest landscape project in the gallery below. We think you’ll agree it’s spectacular – with more changes coming in the future!

We recently had a chance to chat with long-time Heinen clients, Gregg and Damaris Johnson. The Johnson’s have been a client of Heinen Landscape & Irrigation for over 12 years, as Heinen Landscape began work with the Johnsons at their home in Westwood and then continued to work with the family as they moved to their new Mission Hills home.

“Years ago, when we lived in Westwood, we saw the Heinen trucks in the neighborhood, so we just gave them a call,” said Damaris. “When we moved to Mission Hills a few years ago, we knew we wanted Heinen to handle the landscaping and lawn maintenance. They did our landscaping, installed an irrigation system and handle all of our lawn maintenance. They do a great job!”

Last fall, Heinen Landscape and Irrigation worked with the Johnson family to create and execute a complete landscaping plan for Gregg and Damaris’ Mission Hills home. The plan included a raised berm with trees, shrubs and perennials to both buffer noise from passing cars and to provide a beautiful, shady front entryway approach nestled within the apex of the home’s circle drive.

The Johnson’s are now adding to that initial landscape installation with an expanded plan for planting more flowers, trees and shrubs. The Heinen Landscape team recently completed the plan for the Johnson’s and will begin work on the expanded project in coming weeks.

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