Planning your landscape upgrades is a breeze with Heinen’s Online Plant Catalog!

All the specific plant information you need (along with helpful photos) to help create an eye-catching landscape design can be found in Heinen’s Online Plant Catalog.

Deciding which plants you want – and which ones make practical sense – to feature in your lawn or garden can be overwhelming. Which plants love full sun and which prefer shade? How large will these shrubs grow? What blooms in the spring, summer, or fall? Save yourself hours of Googling and instead use Heinen’s Plant Catalog.

The nearly 200 plantings featured in the Plant Catalog were chosen specifically for their ability to thrive in Kansas City’s climate. The landscape team at Heinen has worked extensively with each of these varieties and knows their lifecycles, sun, soil, and watering preferences, and the levels of care needed. You’ll find flowers, shrubs, trees, ground cover, grasses, and more – each paired with a photo and the growing information needed to narrow the choices for your landscape upgrade.

How do I use the Plant Catalog?

Heinen’s Plant Catalog is easy to read, understand, and use. Looking for interesting textures? Click “Ornamental Grasses” and see the nine varieties that the plant experts at Heinen recommend, such as the multi-colored Little Blue Stem, or the Shenandoah Switch Grass with its rich burgundy plumage. Have hydrangeas in mind? Type “Hydrangea” into the search bar. Each variety in the catalog will appear and you can select those most suitable for your landscaping plan.

Choosing a variety of plantings gives your landscaping a polished, professional look. These young plants were recently added to a customer’s newly tiered and terraced backyard.

Choosing The Right Plants

What are your goals? To create privacy around an outdoor entertainment space? Add more color around your home? What landscape “style” do you prefer? Homeowners wanting a modern and contemporary feel can choose uniform plantings that can be neatly maintained for a sleek overall look. Others prefer mixing a variety of colors and textures to make their landscape less formal. Once you have a look in mind it’s easy to begin narrowing the plants that will work best for the look you desire.

An engaging and visually appealing landscape usually includes a diverse selection of plantings. Choose a mix of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and ground cover to add texture, height variations, and visual interest. Pick plants that peak during different seasons – with colorful blooms, attractive foliage, or striking bark – to ensure your landscape remains captivating year-round, even during colder months.

Planting Pro or Need Assistance?

Heinen’s online Plant Catalog is completely free. If you’re handy with a spade, use the Catalog to choose your plants and source them from local nurseries. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry, Heinen is here to help. Have the online Plant Catalog handy when meeting with the landscaping pros at Heinen and they can take the project from plan to reality.

The landscape team at Heinen is here to assist you with everything from planning and design to prepping the planting area, installing the plantings, and teaching you how to care for them throughout the year. And, if your current landscape needs refreshing, Heinen is here to prune, trim, repair, or refresh – just give us a call!

Ready to kickstart your next landscape project? Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape at (913) 432-5011 for a no-obligation consultation with Kansas City’s leading landscape experts!