Heinen offers a full spectrum of irrigation design services including:

  • schematic design
  • master planning
  • design development
  • construction documentation
  • specification
  • estimating
  • construction administration
  • GPS guidance and more

We always evaluate site conditions and develop professional irrigation plans and specifications to meet the specific needs of your individual project.

Before designing or choosing an irrigation system for your property, it’s important for us to fully understand your landscape program. We deeply assess how the site will be used. Understanding a site prior to system design rewards owners with savings during construction – and operation.


Active recreation areas require greater attention to public safety. Not planning for safety may lead to looming liabilities and additional costs for future retrofits. Landscaped areas outside of public reach provide opportunities for labor and equipment savings.

Our irrigation specialists expertly examine and record existing characteristics of the site and its surroundings in order to identify opportunities and constraints. We examine the site location, size, zoning, natural features, man-made features, circulation, utilities, plant material, soil and climate in order to make informed design planning decisions.

Irrigation is generally needed in areas where natural rainfall is not sufficient to maintain turf and landscape for its intended purpose. Where irrigation is necessary, we design, install, maintain and manage the irrigation systems to ensure maximum efficiency and uniform distribution.

Heinen observes specific criteria when designing an irrigation system. Our trained experts analyze soil type, slope, plant types, root depth, microclimates, weather patterns, water quality, water pressure, water supply capacity and many other aspects of a project to insure appropriate design of each system.

Using water conservation methods such as pressure regulators, rain sensors, solar sync weather stations, and rainwater catchment systems saves you both time and money.

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