Jumpstart Your Spring Projects with Heinen

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It may be winter now, but spring is just a few weeks away – and there’s no time like the present to start planning upcoming landscaping and outdoor projects. Here are a few ideas from Heinen to help you get ready for spring:

Flagstone Patio – Flagstone is perfect for patios, paths and walkways and even outdoor stairways. Available in an array of beautiful colors, styles, sizes and shapes, flagstone provides a natural look much richer than standard concrete with excellent long term durability. The natural look they present is appealing for outdoor gathering areas – perfect for impressing your guests during upcoming summer get-togethers! Heinen’s landscaping professionals will work you to create a custom plan that will give your backyard a surprising new and natural look!

Stone Retaining Walls – During Kansas City’s on-again-off-again bouts with torrents of heavy rainfall during spring and summer months the last few years has your property experienced drainage or erosion issues? Or maybe you’ve been looking for a natural and attractive way to build an edge around a raised flower bed? Stone retaining walls are a great way to both solve flooding issues and add visual interest to your outdoor living space. Heinen specializes in creating custom looks with natural stone – and may have a beautiful and practical solution that’s just right for you and your property.

Lighting Design – No Kansas City landscape company has more expertise than Heinen when it comes to custom outdoor lighting design. By adding outdoor lighting, you can brighten even the darkest areas of your property effectively extending your evening living area. Outdoor lighting design also adds curb appeal to your home, makes your home safer from intruders and lets beautiful outdoor evenings last a little bit longer.

Yard Flooding – Yard flooding is a common issue during heavy rainfalls, and pooled water can kill your grass and plants and even lead to ground level mold that’s dangerous to humans and pets. Heinen’s drainage experts can help you with a drainage solution that redirects rainfall, so it won’t collect in your yard and cause irreparable plant damage. One of these solutions can even be water reclamation – where rainfall can be reused in the future to water gardens!

Foundation Drainage – Basement water seepage, separation of soil from your foundation and downspouts that “dump” are just a few of signs that you may have a foundation drainage issue. Not addressing these issues early on can lead to massive future repair costs and permanent damage. Let a Heinen Landscape professional come and evaluate your property and recommend solutions.

No matter whether you plan to beautify your property this spring, repair damage from previous rainstorms, or prevent future flooding or drainage problems, Heinen can help! Just call Debbie at (913) 432-5011 to schedule an appointment!