The Online Plant Guide Features KC Plants

Heinen Landscape Dogwood pink

Pink Dogwood

Calling all homeowners – your new favorite tool for landscaping is Heinen’s Plant Catalog!

Whether you’re beautifying your home for sale or enriching your outdoors for your own enjoyment, Heinen’s online Plant Catalog is a quick and convenient way to find the plants you need for your home’s exterior.

Are you considering climbing vines for a picturesque trellis? Choosing between deciduous and evergreen trees? Looking into tidy but ornamental ground cover? Maybe you need plants suited for sun on one side of your house and need shade plants on the other side.  With nearly 200 plants with photos and descriptions, Heinen’s online KC  Plant Catalog can help you find all these and more!

Magnolia Royal Star flower

How To Use the Plant Catalog:

There are a few ways to use the plant catalog. You might first select a specific category on the catalog to view all the plants within that category. For example, click on “Ornamental” to see a wide variety of colorful plants like roses, tulips, lilies, marigolds – and many more – to add color to your home’s great outdoors. (Notice the white Spring blooms of the Crab Tree Red Jewell or check out the Dogwood options!) You might also click on “Perennials” to view Black Eyed Susans, Creeping Phlox, various Hostas, or Peonies.

Do you have a specific type of plant in mind? Try typing “Magnolia” into the search bar and reviewing the options Heinen has in stock! Or for trees, type in “Oak” and see the many varieties.

Gardening pros will enjoy the availability of the Plant Catalog to select complementary plants for different areas of their property – selecting “sun” or “shade” – and these green-thumbs can source their plants and plant them in their leisure time. What about the gardening novices? Or those with little time to spare? Easy. Simply select your preferred plants from the Plant Catalog and give Heinen a call – we’ll work with you to create a landscape plan with the plants you like best. In no time at all your outdoors areas will be exactly how you’ve always dreamed they could be – just about as quickly as you can say “Best Looking House on the Block!”

Keep an eye on Heinen’s social media pages to regularly spot featured plants! It’s an easy and convenient way to peruse the Plant Catalog at your leisure!

Ready to start on enhancing your outdoor living space? Contact Heinen online today or give Debbie a call at (913) 432-5011.

Crab Tree Jewell

Seasonal blooming timing is noted for plants.

Maple Japanese Bloodgood

All featured plants & trees grow well in KC!

Clethra Ruby Spice

Flowers, Trees and Shrubs are all featured!