Light Up Your Home and Landscape – with Heinen Outdoor Lighting

Heinen Hardscape LightingSaying farewell to summer barbecues and backyard gatherings? Don’t let shorter days and cooler temperatures keep you from enjoying your outdoor living space.

With Heinen Outdoor Lighting, you can maintain property safety, brighten your backyard, and continue to enjoy the outdoor activities you love! Light up your biggest investment – your home – this holiday season! Let Heinen shed a light on your outdoor lighting options so you’ll know how to best brighten your home this winter!

Assess Your Property’s Lighting Needs

What is your goal with outdoor lighting? Are you looking to protect your home from unwanted visitors? Perhaps you’re in search of a little more backyard ambiance with some mood lighting. Do you need landscape lights to suitably mark pathways, or even to highlight a landscape feature, like a statue or a fountain? Heinen’s Outdoor Lighting design experts can walk you through the different types of outdoor lighting; we’d love to help you find just the right lights to meet your needs.

Security Lighting

Lighting for outdoor safety and property security is designed and placed to highlight walkways and steps while highlighting your home’s architecture. A well-lit exterior is a deterrent to any trespasser.

Additionally, properly lit paths, walkways, porches and stairs can help keep family members and guests from accidentally slipping or missing a step. Inclement weather makes outdoor walkways even more treacherous. A little light on the subject can be the difference between a safe walk to the front door or an unexpected trip to the emergency room.

Timers can be built into your lighting control system to automatically activate your lighting at dusk. Then, these timers will shut it down at dawn – even adjusting for the seasonal daylight conditions!  Spotlights can certainly handle the safety issue, but landscape lighting also illuminates plantings around your property and your home’s unique architecture.

Entertainment Lighting Heinen Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting in your backyard living space is about more than security. The proper style and type of light will add to your outdoor ambiance. Some lighting options even have various color settings that be easily adjusted for most every outdoor occasion!

Path lighting helps your guests travel through your landscaping safely – and protects your beautiful plantings from wandering feet! Illuminate your walkways with path lights so friends and family will know exactly where – and where not – to step. Simultaneously, these path lights can subtly draw attention to outdoor plantings and colorful ground cover.

Outdoor kitchen lighting is important for backyard dinners. Not only will you be able to better use your outdoor kitchen, but you’ll be able to enjoy your meal better. Light up an outdoor dining area for a full meal, or for having a few friends over for a glass of wine and good conversation.

Built-in bench-wall seating is a great retaining wall addition – and a perfect way to extend seating for outdoor outdoor entertaining. With subtle lighting installed just under the lip of the retaining wall seating ledge, your patio will glow with warmth and safety!

Small downward facing spotlights can also be installed as part of a retaining wall addition or bench seating area – providing safety and ambiance as days fades into night.

Contact Heinen today!

Whether you’re certain of your lighting needs or you’d prefer some professional insight, the most important part of installing an outdoor lighting system is choosing the right team. At Heinen, we’ve been lighting up greater Kansas City for over 30 years.

Heinen uses the highest quality exterior lighting fixtures and long lasting, programmable LED lights. Plus, Heinen offers cutting-edge lighting controller technology from innovative manufacturers like FX Luminaire. The best lighting technology plus Heinen’s skilled lighting professionals means nearly unlimited outdoor lighting design possibilities for your home.

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