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The Everest slab from Techo-Bloc is a textured concrete slab with a marbled look.

Part One: Techo-Bloc and Texture

There was a time when backyard outdoor spaces and patios were mostly just a sea of concrete with a picnic table and a set of folding chairs. More recently, small earth-toned concrete pavers have been in fashion. But with the advent of Techo-Bloc manufactured stone the game has changed significantly. Offering an amazing array of colors, textures and styles from Techo-Bloc have expanded homeowners’ options considerably and, as an added bonus, manufactured stone products from Techo-Bloc have tremendous durability – resisting damage from broad weather swings and heavy foot traffic.




The Many Textures of Techo-Bloc

heinen #2 techo-bloc

The beautiful patio pavers seen here combine texture and neutrals for an overall polished look.

Large and small outdoor spaces alike benefit from the addition of textured finishes to make a space more interesting and establish living area perimeters.  Textured slabs and pavers offer an effective way of giving your space a unique and inviting look and, a little can go a long way when it comes to using texture and color to enliven your outdoor spaces.

From smooth as glass tile finishes simulating polished marble, to slightly textured looks mimicking natural flagstone, to rough edges (that simulate quarried stone) used as a rim around an outdoor planter or cap for a retaining wall, there are many different ways to use texture to enhance the design of your outdoor space.

heinen #3 techo-bloc

Fire-pits can be a functional and beautiful focal point of an outdoor space.

Small touches can make a big impact on all aspects of design and layout. When it comes to hardscape design, it is not always a case of “the bigger, the better.” There are ways to make notable changes to the overall feel of your landscape with minimal effort. Subtle aesthetic touches can lend quite an impactful effect – dramatically adding some pizzazz and style to your outdoor spaces, ultimately making them more inviting and quite eye-catching.

The next featured photo is from a Techo-Bloc customer who wanted a traditional fire-pit and seating area – with an extremely non-traditional edge. This look was achieved by mixing shades of dark and light grey throughout using different depths of material to give the entire area a bold and textured look. From large to small installations, it is often the choices made regarding color and texture when planning a Techo-Bloc design solution that make the most notable visual impact on the overall look and feel of the overall outdoor living area.

heinen #4 techo-bloc

The Facia wall collection from Techo-Bloc comes in two different faces, Iconic; left and Rosemont; right.

Ready to turn your backyard living area – or patio, walkway or poolside lounge area – into a revived and elegant masterpiece that will last for years (and keep your neighbors talking about it just as long)? Take a look at our full Techo-Bloc gallery here or maybe it might be time to contact the landscape and hardscape experts at Heinen! To learn more and see a Look-Book of stunning idea starters, just call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011. She’ll schedule a no obligation consultation with one our outdoor living pros and help jumpstart your backyard living dreams into a reality!