Plan your Fall Garden Today!

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Fall is setting in here in Kansas City and that brings shorter days and cooler temperatures. Are you feeling down in the dumps knowing you won’t see your beautiful garden again ’til spring? Well turn that frown upside down because you can have a fall garden!

Fall is actually a great time to plant a garden! The moderate temperatures of fall are relatively gentle to new plants, giving them time to grow a good root system and avoid the shock of being transplanted in the heat of summer. This also allows the plants to ‘put down roots’ before the cold winter sets in.

1. Is it native or adapted to your climate? Plants that are ill suited for your climate will require a lot more resources (water, fertilizer, maintenance) to keep them alive, often with disappointing results.

2. What exposure does it require: full sun, partial shade or total shade? One of the most common gardening mistakes is placing a new plant in the wrong light exposure, where it struggles to survive.

3. How large will it grow? Once in the ground for a few years, that small plant in a nursery container can grow exponentially. A 1-foot-tall and -wide shrub can quickly grow to over 6 feet tall and wide, leaving you with an overplanted landscape. Make sure you are prepared for the mature size of the plant you select and allow enough room for it to grow.

4. What type of maintenance will the plant require? Most native plants are generally low maintenance, but those that aren’t may require a lot of pruning, watering and fertilizing that you may not want to do.


Heinen has all the answers to these questions plus any others you might have. It’s getting cooler every day, don’t waste another minute! Call Heinen Landscape today at, (913) 432-5011, and get your free estimate for you new fall garden!

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