Plant Catalog

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Fall is right around the corner which means cool weather will be settling in soon. Spring blooms and new plant growth seems centuries away. Some people may not know, but fall is actually the best time to plant many new landscape additions including shrubs and trees.

Due to cool temperatures and increased rainfall, roots have time to establish in warm soil before the ground freezes. And, moderate fall temperatures avoid the risk of shock from being transplanted in the heat of summer.

Heinen Landscape has a great online tool to help you with planning your fall plantings. In the past, Heinen Landscape’s Online Plant Catalog had password-only availability, but now everyone has easy access to the online tool that will help you create your plan. If you’re not familiar with the The Plant Catalog, it’s time to take a look. The catalog only features species of plants that will grow well in the Kansas City area. And the best part is you can sort through different plant categories – including annual & perennials; shade & sun; deciduous & evergreens; and also trees, vines, shrubs and more! Select a category (or two, or three) and the Heinen Online Plant Catalog automatically pulls ups pictures and descriptions of each plant in that category – all of which can be ordered and planted through Heinen Landscape.

Click here to visit our plant catalog at or, get a head start on fall plantings and book an appointment with a Heinen Landscape Pro to get your yard plan ready for the beautiful fall weather. Just call Debbie at 913-432-5011.