Choosing plants that visually appeal to your landscape vision – and are able to withstand the ever-changing Kansas City climate can be a daunting challenge. That’s why the landscape experts at Heinen Landscape created has an online tool – complete with photos and seasonal tips– where you can browse through over 100 plants that do well in the KC’s climate: the Heinen Online Plant Catalog! This free tool on the Heinen website allows you to visually view dozens of plant options, read about their characteristics, and easily compare a variety of plants that are suited to your own version of the great outdoors. Below are three featured plantings that can be enjoyed nearly year-round!

Peach Rose Drift Shrub:

This colorful shrub is a compact groundcover planting with soft peach colored blooms that cover the plant. The Peach Rose Drift can be enjoyed from mid-spring to the first hard freeze of late fall. This easy-to-care for plant is vigorous and cold-hardy, which makes it the perfect Midwest shrubbery option. Its glossy dark green foliage is equipped with excellent disease resistance. The Peach Rose Drift is perfect for smaller gardens, or for sparse filling-in around established plants, in borders or along paths.




Juniper Compact Andorra:

Juniper Compact Andorra is an evergreen Juniper, often used as groundcover. The ideal use for this durable yet visually appealing plant is to blanket a barren slope, for fill-in around trees – or you can plant one as an accent in a flower bed. The feathery and wispy branches of this groundcover are flocked with gray-green hues and transitions throughout the seasons from the bright green of new spring growth, to a deeper blue/green summer foliage, to a bronze tint for fall. As fall progresses, the Juniper Compact Andorra’s foliage takes on a slight plum-purple hue that persists into the winter months.




Purple Coneflower:

Purple Coneflower is one of those rare plants that is beautiful even after it’s life has expired. Once the plant has finished blooming, it’s distinctive purple-hued flowers transition into attractive and decorative seed heads in the winter. Planting Purple Coneflower in your garden or flower bed draws bees and butterflies, ensuring that nearby plants have plenty of pollinators. Caring for the Purple Coneflower is as simple as trimming the plant back by a third and the plants will return with abundant flowering every year. This trimming rejuvenates the plant and often produces a new display of beautiful blooms that last until frost.



The Heinen Online Plant Catalog is accessible to everyone and you can easily sort and view plants by categories including: annuals/ perennials, sun/shade, deciduous/evergreens, and a wide variety of trees, vines, and shrubs! Click here to view the Heinen Online Plant Catalog.

While you’re on the Heinen website, feel free to download our complimentary “Guide to Kansas City Landscaping” – an exclusive resource from Heinen Landscape that will help you on your path to planning, designing and building your own outdoor oasis! Click here to download the KC landscaping guide.

All of the plants found in the Plant Catalog can be sourced through Heinen and our landscape experts can answer any questions – or help design your dream garden into a reality! Ready to get growing? Call Debbie at (913) 432-5011 and she can answer any questions you may have or schedule a no obligation consultation from one of Heinen’s landscape pros!