A Historic Brookside Home Gets an Outdoor Upgrade

The owner of this beautiful Brookside home, Lee Ann, was looking to improve her home’s landscaping and the hardscaping. The house was built in the 1920s and it had been some time since any upgrades had been made to the backyard and other outdoor living areas. She felt it was time for some changes that would her own version of the great outdoors more welcoming and comfortable!

First Up – Correcting Property Drainage Issues

The Heinen team hard at work regrading the backyard to prevent future drainage issues.

The first major issue Lee Ann wanted to address was property flooding that occurred each time there was a heavy rain. Excess rainwater was pooling in her backyard causing damage to her lawn and, water was also draining toward her home’s foundation – threatening the structural integrity of her house. Because of the magnitude of the drainage issue, Lee Ann spoke to several different landscape companies to get their take on what could be done to fix the issue. But, after speaking with the Heinen team, she knew they were the right for the job:

“We had landscape bids from other businesses, but they never would say how they were going to solve the drainage issues. There was never a real plan. When I spoke with Heinen, they immediately had a plan for my stormwater drainage problem. They knew exactly what they needed to do.”

The Heinen team regraded Lee Ann’s backyard to divert water away from the rear foundation; the stormwater egress was now split and funneled around the home – and, depending on the part of the yard the rainwater came from, it was either channeled toward the driveway on the west side of the house or the walkway on the home’s east side. With stormwater now rerouted, Heinen set to work creating a great new outdoor living space for Lee Ann to enjoy.

Removing an old brick walkway.

The Details Always Matter

To start with, Heinen replaced the wood fence along the south and east side of the property with a brand new one. Lee Ann said was impressed with the workmanship and delighted Heine was able to include this project as she wouldn’t need to contact a separate fencing company and add another work crew.

Next came the fun part – upgrading the hardscape elements. Heinen removed a walkway that ran along the front and east side of the home, as well as two old patios. Keeping effective rainwater drainage in mind, the Heinen team created a new patio terrace made with natural stone pavers along with steps leading to a lower patio made with materials similar to the upper patio. A new retaining wall was also installed along with replacing the former brick walkway with contemporary earth-tone pavers – all appropriately graded so rainwater water would continue to funnel away from the homeowner’s property downhill to the street – and abundant storm drains.

The newly installed stone paver walkway.

After the patios and walkway were complete, Heinen added new landscaping along the fence line featuring new garden beds with a variety of shrubs and other plantings. Shrubs were planted on the front side of the home as well to compliment and add some dimension to the new paver walkway. In the end, a time-worn outdoor living space was completely transformed into a clean and relaxing new outdoor living space that Lee Ann could now fully enjoy.

A new walkway along the east and front sides of the home.

What Matters Most: A Satisfied Homeowner

Here’s what Lee Ann had to say about working with the Heinen landscape and hardscape professionals:

“Their ability to take on so many different types of projects is great. It is awesome to have everything completed all at once with one team. They always had solutions and they never left it up to us to figure out what to do. We worked together to solve any issue that came up. It was such a good experience – I would recommend Heinen to everyone.”

The outdoor living professionals at Heinen are experts at landscaping, hardscaping, lighting, irrigation, and more! No matter what you have in mind for your outdoor space, Heinen is here to help!

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