Protect your Plants with Anti-Desiccant Spray

By December 28, 2017February 19th, 2019No Comments

These cold winter months can be damaging to plants that keep live foliage year around. These plants, such such as junipers, hollies, and cedars, can be harmed because their roots are unable to pull water from the soil, causing them to use the water stored in their stems and leaves. This can stunt their growth in the spring and cause dead branches. Heinen’s way of preventing this and keeping your plants healthy is protecting them with an anti-desiccant spray. An anti-desiccant spray works by adding a proactive coating which reduces the amount of water that escapes. As the winter months go by, the spray is slowly worn off, so by the spring your plants ready to grow again!

Why call Heinen about having anti-desiccants sprayed on your plants?

  • Plants must be completely dormant before applying the anti-desiccants. If they aren’t, it can damage the plant. A Heinen professional will be able to accurately identify if a plant is completely dormant and ready to be sprayed.
  • Certain plants, such as Blue Spruces, shouldn’t be sprayed because their natural coating will be damaged. Heinen is knowledgeable about what plants should and shouldn’t be sprayed.
  • The plants need to be sprayed evenly and thoroughly all the way from the top to the bottom. By using a professionally trained chemical applicator at Heinen Landscape, you won’t have to worry about getting out a ladder or missing any spots! Missed spots can sometimes result in dead branches in the future.
  • Also, the spray is biodegradable – making it completely environmentally friendly!

Are you ready for one of Heinen’s professional chemical applicators to come and help protect your plants this winter? Call Debbie at 913-432-5011 to set up your appointment!