Protecting Your Ornamentals from Pests and Disease

By April 27, 2018March 5th, 2019No Comments

Few things make your yard appear more beautiful that ornamental trees and shrubs. However, many of these aesthetically-pleasing Heinenornamentals require seasonal maintenance to ensure they remain healthy and continue to thrive year-after-year. Insects, weather, and disease are a constant threat to ornamentals, but Heinen’s Tree and Shrub Application program will give these beautiful plants protection from many of these potential issues.

One pest in particular, the Boxwood Leafminer, is an insect that attacks Boxwoods and can create unwanted havoc. Typically, you won’t know your Boxwood tree is under attack until late summer – at which point there can be a serious loss of leaves that can be fatal to your Boxwood.

The leafminer is the larva form of a mosquito-like fly. When their larvae hatch, they feed on the Boxwood leaves – tunneling into the Boxwood leaves and stems and causing serious plant damage. Treatment to prevent against leafminers should begin in mid-April to early May.

Crabapple trees are also at risk of becoming infected with Apple Scab. And Hawthorns and Pines are also at risk of insects and disease and should be treated throughout the spring and summer.

Don’t stress about protecting your ornamentals! This can all be avoided with a simple call to Heinen. With Heinen’s 30+ years of experience, our landscape professionals are knowledgeable and trained on tree and shrub disease preventative applications.

Call Debbie at (913) 432-5011 and become a part of Heinen’s Tree and Shrub Application program and protect your landscape investment, including your beautiful ornamentals, from long term damage.