Retaining Walls

Yard and Landscape Protection

Provide Functional Support for Keeping Soil in Place

Flood Prevention

Prevent Sink Holes

Eliminate the Eye Sore of Dirt Piles and Hills

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Heinen Landscape Retaining Wall

Protect Your Property From Rain Damage

Has the rain created some major headaches for you?
Heinen has the Solution! Don’t risk permanent property damage!

From pooling water literally drowning plants to leaky basement walls and floors, it’s clear that poor drainage and standing water can cause a lot of problems and can lead to expensive repairs.

The team at Heinen Landscape wants to help you avoid severe landscape and other property damage by designing and implementing dependable drainage systems that will protect your property for a lifetime. Call Heinen – we’ve got 20+ years of experience in turning water nightmares into drainage solutions.

Functional Retaining Walls

Functional elements are becoming more and more of a necessity in today’s landscapes. A popular feature used to level out backyards, redirect water, prevent erosion and hold up different structures are stone retaining walls. Heinen specializes in creating custom retaining walls with natural stone – including built-in seating for entertaining guests.

Upgrade your landscaping this spring with Heinen’s stunning and purposeful stone retaining walls!

When it comes to protecting your lawn, nobody has the experience and know-how like Heinen.