Spotlight on Sturgis Materials

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We recently had a chance to talk to Matt Lonesk at Sturgis Rock Solid Solutions about his experience working with Heinen Landscape and Irrigation. Here’s what he had to say:

Matt Lonesk – VP of Sales and Operations at Sturgis Materials

What is your title?

Vice President of Sales and Operations

How long have you worked with Heinen Landscape & Irrigation?

I have worked here almost 8 years, but Heinen has been purchasing material from Sturgis for much longer than that.

What types of projects do you work on at Sturgis?

I mostly do behind the scenes work – purchasing material for them behind the counter.

Any particularly notable projects with Heinen?

Recently, Heinen purchased stabilized granite path – this is a very unique material. It allows for that “crunch” sound when walking on the path that people want but it doesn’t track into the home or indoors at all. This material requires a special team to install correctly and we trust the pros at Heinen Landscape to do just that.

Where does the material from Sturgis come from?

Our material comes from all over the United States – we don’t own a quarry, so we never try to push one type or specific of material on anyone. Just like Heinen Landscape, we really take pride in having the right material for the right project.

The Sunken Garden in Mission Hills uses rock from Sturgis Materials.

What got you into this business?

I went to college in Texas and had various jobs in Texas, Florida, and California. My wife and I eventually decided to settle down and have kids back in the Midwest – so I’ve worked for our familybusiness at Sturgis ever since.

What’s the best advice you can give folks when they have a new hardscaping project in Kansas City? 

It’s important to use natural material – especially in Kansas City. Many don’t know that KC residents have to be wary of freeze-thaw cycles. Laying down salt on on a surface that is repeatedly freezing and thawing can wreak havoc on the material if it is not natural. It’s also important to remember that even the best material can be ruined without a good installer. I would recommend contacting Heinen Landscape for any new hardscape projects that you are thinking about doing.