Hello Springtime!

Springtime in Kansas City means blossoming tulips, redbuds budding, colorful bouquets of wildflowers, warmer temperatures and hundreds of other beautiful signs that nature has sprung back to life – and generally erasing the doldrums of a hard Midwest winter, a winter that has been even harder to bear recently. A pandemic of great proportion may still linger, but the blooms of spring let us know that nature truly is on our side.

If you have extra home-time on your hands, now might be a great time to make plans for the future look and feel of your home’s outdoor space. New outdoor trends combine design and technical innovations, include ornate hardscaping, contemporary visual features, lush gardens and smart irrigation systems.

Here are four landscaping trends that the landscape experts at Heinen expects to see more of in 2020:

Unique and Intricate Hardscaping

Gone are the days of flat, uniform surfaces, outdoor styles are now trending toward more ornate, geometric forms. More homeowners are looking to incorporate natural stone, concrete, manufactured stone and other hardscape materials into their outdoor layouts. Manufactures have created new hardscape materials with classic, yet modern takes on varietal waves, lattice, and chevron patterns for use on everything from walkways to retaining walls. If you’re considering repaving a walkway, adding a fire feature, consider something with a pattern.

Simple and Functional Design

Minimalism has cemented it’s place in hardscaping and landscaping trends. People are seeking sleek and contemporary landscape designs that combines function with allure. Since we are in Kansas City, we always need to be cognizant of Kansas City weather patterns, meaning material functionality means the ability to withstand the wear and tear of multi-varied seasonal weather conditions. Native plants, heat lamps, and protective structures that allow people to spend more time outdoors year-round are vital for Kansas City homeowners.

Classic Blue

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 was announced as Classic Blue, which means the cool tone will be featured throughout many industries including fashion, marketing, and home design.

Lawncare is no exception to that, and we expect to see hues of blue in many facets of landscaping. Expect to see more contemporary and elaborate water features, blue sculptures and shades of blue plantings this year.

Heinen Landscape Veronica sunny border blue

Smart Irrigation

Time is most homeowners most valuable commodity and, thankfully, smart-home devices have made maintaining your outdoor space easier than ever before. High-tech irrigation control systems, such as the smart sprinkler systems, make maintaining large yards and gardens both easier and more affordable (no more accidental watering’s on rainy days!). Heinen Landscape recommends installing the Rachio WiFi-enabled irrigation controller, assuring all zones on your property (from sunny and shady lawn sections, to flower beds, shrubs, bushes and trees), get just the right amount of water and always look their very best. The Rachio system allows homeowners to think about lawn maintenance as little as possible – and thanks to Internet connectivity, can even be activated from a distance – even while you’re away on business or vacation.

For more information on how Heinen can get help get your lawn ready for spring, to discuss the Rachio smart irrigation system, or to book an appointment to start planning the outdoor area of your dreams, just give Debbie at Heinen a call at (913) 432-5011.

Happy Spring!