When does spring start in Kansas City? Wednesday, March 20 is officially the first day of spring in 2019, however spring landscape planning – and planting – starts any time you choose! Having a well thought out landscape plan is the first (and most important) step in creating a truly beautiful landscape. But where to begin? Rest assured, the landscape professionals at Heinen are here to help with your spring landscaping plans – and, with Heinen Landscape’s Free Kansas City Landscape Guide.

Some of the useful tips you’ll find inside our handy (and downloadable) step-by-step guide:

Take Inventory: The initial step in the landscape design process is a complete walkthrough of your landscape site. During this walkthrough, take a thorough analysis of your yard’s soil quality, sun and shade, hills, slopes and more. What challenges and opportunities does your site present? This is also the time to consider budgeting, scale and timelines.

Put Your Plan on Paper: Next, it’s time to draw your landscape plan out on grid paper to get a better understanding of how everything will fit in. Begin with hardscaping elements – simply put, any design element that isn’t a plant. Be sure to note key factors determined during your walkthrough – including areas of sun, shade and pooling rain.

Pick Your Plants – With Heinen’s KC Plant Catalog: Deciding on the look of your landscape and the colors you will use in your landscape palette is now easier than ever with Heinen’s FREE online plant catalog! Not only does the catalog feature plants that grow best in our Kansas City climate, it also has photos of each plant making it easy to compare and contrast those that look best together.

The plant catalog is easy to use and it’s even accessible from your smartphone! Sort and group the featured plants by category – including annuals & perennials; shade & sun; deciduous & evergreens; or sort by trees, shrubs, flowers and much, much more! Click here to start your plant-planning today.

Call the Landscape Professionals at Heinen: Now that you’ve taken inventory, put your plan to paper and picked your plants, you’re well on your way to spring planting. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the scale of the project or have questions, Heinen is here to help take your plan and turn it into beautiful reality. As KC’s go-to landscape experts for over 30 years, when you work with Heinen your guaranteed result is a well-executed landscape plan and professional landscape installation.

Ready? Let’s get growing! Click here to download your free Guide to Kansas City Landscape and if you’re in need of an assist, give Debbie at Heinen a call at 913-432-5011 to schedule a complementary landscape consultation today!