Techo-Bloc Walk – A Dramatic First Impression

By October 25, 2018March 5th, 2019No Comments

Heinen Landscape recently worked with a customer looking to achieve a dramatic, yet durable and maintenance-friendly walkway to the side of the home – which had been converted to become the long, narrow home’s primary entrance.

Although a sidewalk and grass are the usual choices for a front walkway, the side entrance and nearby fence created an opportunity to create a more intimate and beautiful and even a more dramatic transition from the outside world to the inside world.

Heinen team of landscape professionals worked with the customer to create an installation that combined the beauty of Techo-Bloc landscape stone with custom outdoor lighting – and even a series of serene bubbler-fountains. The combination proved to be quite engaging, creating a warm, welcoming entrance to the West Plaza home – not to mention the practical safety aspect that a well-lit walkway provides.

The customer and Heinen considered a wide variety of Techo-Bloc products when planning the installation. As concrete paver and masonry manufacturers, Techo-Bloc’s mission is to design and create the finest quality hardscape and masonry products in the industry. For durability, resistance to the elements, along with their unique color and style choices, it’s hard to beat Techo-Bloc! The installation of three bubbler fountains along the Techo-Bloc pathway added an interesting visual
feature along with the subtle but calming sounds of bubbling water – almost like that of a running stream. The addition of custom professionally designed and installed lighting not only made the pathway safer, but also provide dramatic illumination of the walkway, fountains and home.

The completed project was a hit. According to the homeowner, “I’m very pleased with the transformation. With the right plan, products and installation, the walk was transformed from being a mundane pathway to becoming a dramatic entryway to our home.”

A few reasons why you might want to consider Techo-Bloc products for your hardscape installation:

  1. Strength and Durability of products starts at the core – Tech-Bloc uses only the highest-grade stone and bonding ingredients
  2. Tech-Bloc products are designed to weather even the harshest climates – and are almost three times stronger than poured concrete.
  3. Created with style and substance, the Techo-Bloc team creates trendsetting products that push the boundaries of landscape design.

According to Techo-Bloc, “Our products are our pride and we go to great lengths to ensure that our hardscape materials are a sound long-term investment providing durability and enjoyment for many, many, years to come.”

The hardscape and landscape professionals at Heinen take pride in creating outdoor environments as unique as the individual customer’s lifestyles. We believe Tech-Bloc has raised the bar on what is possible in hardscaping – embracing color and form while uniting beauty and function.

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