Even if you are not currently interested in selling your home, the value you add today will be beneficial in the future if you do decide to sell your home. Today’s Kansas City housing market is highly competitive – it’s truly a seller’s market. Landscaping or hardscaping projects can increase your home’s value ­– no matter when you decide to sell your home. The following are five top outdoor projects to consider to help add more value to your home!

Curb Appeal

Adding new greenery and other plantings make for a beautiful first impression.

A home’s first impression centers around its curb appeal. There are several landscaping and hardscaping projects that easily boost your home’s curb appeal. Creating a unique walkway to your home’s front door – possibly using Techo-Bloc manufactured stone pavers – is one way to introduce a visually inviting element to your front yard. Also, hiding utility eyesores such as gas meters, telephone and cable pedestals and more with strategically placed shrubs and greenery can make a big difference.


Installing proper drainage systems now will save you trouble in the future.

Whether you live in Overland Park, Mission Hills, Leawood or Kansas City proper, there is no avoiding the inevitable – and often frequent – rainstorms of the Midwest. Maintaining a dry basement is a top priority for homeowners – one that can often be solved with a rainwater drainage plan from Heinen.

Pooling water can literally drown plants, and leaky basement walls and floors usually have their start with poor exterior drainage. When soil doesn’t drain properly, rain runs off in sheets, carving gullies in the landscape, dumping silt on pathways, and carrying piles of mulch or wood chips where they don’t belong. Heinen offers a free complimentary drainage inspection if you have drainage issues on your property.


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls with seating have dual functionality; they protect your yard and home from the elements and also provide seating for entertainment areas.

Multifunctional hardscape elements are becoming more and more popular in today’s landscape plans. A popular feature used to level out backyards, redirect rainwater, and prevent erosion are solid retaining walls. Heinen specializes in creating custom retaining walls with natural stone or manufactured stone that not only solve elevation issues, but also include built-in seating for entertaining guests. Incorporating decorative lighting under these built-in benches or in and around the retaining wall transforms this functional feature into a useful element of a perfect nighttime entertainment area.


Lighting is crucial because it adds style and a sense of security to a home.

A custom lighting plan designed and installed by Heinen can provide better home security by  brightening the dark recesses of your property while also expanding your living space both physically and visually. There are a variety of different lighting options from Heinen including path-lights for safer walkways, down-lights to shine light from above, and up-lights to draw attention to your home’s architectural features.

A professional lighting system from Heinen also can includes “Smart” capabilities, allowing lighting control direct from your phone with a controller app from one of the best manufacturers in the business, FX Luminaire. Your system can also include daily timers for weekdays, weekends and even vacations – and the ability to customize and change the colors of your lighting.


Adding a patio to your backyard extends your homes living space to the great outdoors.

Your backyard is a natural extension of your home that can sometimes be neglected. You can optimize your home’s backyard living area with a more functional and more aesthetically pleasing new patio. Whether renovating an existing patio or choosing to start over with a brand new patio, one thing is for certain: Patios have become quite high on the to-do list of many Heinen customers who have found themselves spending much more time at home over the last year.

And, as for increasing home value, adding a new patio area is the outdoor equivalent of adding an extra room to your home. Patio features like fire-pits and outdoor kitchens add an extra special touch to your outdoor living space – making your home more enjoyable now, and more valuable in the future if you choose to sell your home!


Ready increase your home value? Then it might be time to contact the landscape, hardscape and lighting pros at Heinen. Just call Debbie at (913) 432-5011 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.