Warm Up Your Home With Nightscaping from Heinen!

By November 27, 2019No Comments

One of the best things about summertime is the way you can enjoy your outdoor spaces. The days are long, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy yourself as the sun sets.

Why give this up as the holidays approach? You’ll more than likely want to entertain, and there’s no reason your home shouldn’t look warm and inviting. Nightscaping is our solution to bring warmth to your outdoor spaces once the sun goes down — at any time of year.

What is nightscaping? It’s intentionally placed lighting to accent your home’s architecture & landscaping. You’ve landscaped your lawn with plants you love, all placed intentionally to draw attention where you want it. Nightscaping works the same way.

We use energy efficient LED lights to illuminate the areas you want to shine. We can fill your driveway and walkways with a soft glow, making it easy for your guests to find their way to your front door.

At Heinen, we work with you so you can show off what you love most about your home, whether that’s an architectural element or making your garden visible at night. This is a great way to add value to your home, and also offers a layer of security.

While people often think of security lights as harsh floodlights, nightscaping achieves the same added safety in a more attractive way.

We’re happy to offer a free consultation. Just call Debbie at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll send one of our lighting pros to assess areas where exterior lighting might be beneficial. Then we’ll create a lighting plan to specifically complement the look of your home. We proudly install FX Luminaire products which gives you a fully customizable nightscaping experience. You can adjust the colors, brightness, and the on and off timers from an app on your phone.

We strive to give each home its own treatment and no two homes ever look exactly alike, but you can find inspiration in our galleries on our Outdoor Lighting Design page.

Don’t forget to contact us for your free consultation ahead of this holiday season!