Winter Lawn Care

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As days get colder and leaves begin to fall we tend to forget about the needs of our lawns. Care and maintenance is still important if you want your beautiful, lush green grass to come back in the spring. Prevent winter damage and let Heinen Landscape help with these tips!

  • Continue watering: One misconception during winter about grass is that is stops growing, dies, and doesn’t need watering until spring.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. Areas like Leawood and Overland Park, Kansas get some snow but everyone knows the weather in Kansas City is inconsistent. The melting snow can only go so to keep water levels in the grass. Extra watering may be necessary to keep your grass healthy.
  • Fertilize and feed: Your grass and landscaping plants should be given fertilizer before the winter sets in. Plants need food to feed on throughout the winter season, and fertilizer will help make the grass roots stronger for the following season. Do this during the fall before the first snow fall.
Heinen Landscape - Mission Hills - by Kansas City Photographer Lisha Anderson

Heinen Landscape – Mission Hills – by Kansas City Photographer Lisha Anderson

  • Grass should be mowed until it slows in growing: The length of your grass is vital in keeping it healthy during its dormant stage. If the grass is too short the cold wind can reach the roots and cause dead sections later in the season. If the grass is too long, the blades can get mold or disease. Stop cutting grass after you notice it stop growing and leave it for a few weeks. This should ensure a good length.
  • Rake leaves and debris regularly: Grass still needs access to sunlight during the winter months. Rake up leaves and debris throughout the season to ensure grass receives ample light and air.  Mold, and disease, is common in winter months when leaves and debris are left over grass. Do not leave trash bags, trash cans or other heavy items on grass for long periods of time as well.
  • Prune trees and shrubbery: Depending on your climate, shrubs, and trees should be pruned before the winter season. Flowering plants and trees have different pruning schedules and Heinen will know the best times to start this process.

Your yard and landscaping will come back better and fresher in the spring with some maintenance now. With preventative maintenance, your lawn will be shielded from disease and harmful cold as the winter months set in.  Consider mulching plant beds and landscaping areas to give an extra barrier against cold and harsh winter winds.  Together with Heinen Landscape you can prepare your lawn and landscaping for the upcoming winter months.

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